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13 Lives Cyberpunk
Powered By: 13 Lives

Futuristic Performance Pre

  • Up to 450mg of Caffeine 
  • Enhanced Focus, Energy & Performance
  • Insane Pumps & Vasodilation
  • Great flavours & Taste
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Elevate Your Performance Beyond Reality. Welcome to the Future of Workouts with 13 Lives Cyberpunk. Step into the next dimension of physical performance with 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre — a revolutionary, futuristic pre-workout designed to enhance your focus, and energy, to give you those insane pumps you crave.

What Makes it Unique?

🎮 Gamer-Inspired Experience: This isn't just a pre-workout; it's an adventure into a cybernetic universe. It's about achieving the kind of focus and energy you'd need to take down bosses in your favourite FPS games. With every scoop, feel the rush of adrenaline you'd get in a high-stakes virtual showdown.

🚀 Futuristic Formulation: Our blend is jam-packed with state-of-the-art ingredients like L-Citrulline DL-Malate, Beta-Alanine, and Alpha GPC that target your body's energy systems, delivering an unparalleled surge of raw power and focus.

💪 Insane Pumps: L-Citrulline DL-Malate and L-Norvaline are included to help provide that coveted, vascular look and feel, leading you to better workouts and faster results.

🌟 Generous 50 Servings: We don't believe in skimping on greatness, which is why each container offers you a bountiful 50 servings to keep you in the game for longer.

🍃 Cutting-edge Extracts: Featuring exotic ingredients like Juglans Regia (Walnut Extract), Mesembrine (Kanna Extract), and Rhodiola Rosea, each scoop is a one-way ticket to elevated moods and reduced stress.

Experience the Workout of Tomorrow, Today

With 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre, you're not just pushing past physical limits, you're breaking barriers in a world where your workouts are the epic quests, and you're the hero. Get ready for an upgrade; it's time to game on.

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13 Lives Cyberpunk
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  • What sets 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre apart from other pre-workouts?

    13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre elevates your pre-workout experience by combining gamer-inspired experiences & scientifically-backed ingredients. This unique blend enhances your focus, energy, & pumps, allowing you to reach unparalleled performance levels.

  • How does 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre specifically enhance my focus?

    13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre is formulated with ingredients like Alpha GPC & L-Tyrosine known for improving mental clarity, concentration, & focus. It's like leveling up your cognitive abilities to get the most out of your workouts.

  • Is 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre exclusively for hardcore gamers?

    While 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre features a gamer-inspired theme, it's designed to meet the workout needs of everyone. Both gamers & gym enthusiasts can experience increased energy, focus, & pumps.

  • What is the recommended serving size for 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre?

    For a standard serving of 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre, mix 8g (1 scoop) with 400ml of water. For those looking for an extra kick (experienced stimulant users only), a hardcore serving involves mixing 16g (2 scoops) with 600ml of water. Please do not exceed one serve per day.

  • Can I mix 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre with other caffeinated beverages or supplements?

    We strongly advise against combining 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre with other caffeinated sources, as the product itself contains a high amount of caffeine in the hardcore serving size.

  • When should I take 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre before my workout?

    For optimal results with 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre, consume the product 20-30 minutes prior to your workout.

  • Is 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre suitable for both men & women?

    Absolutely, 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre is formulated to meet the workout enhancement needs of both men & women.

  • How many servings does each container of 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre contain?

    Each container of 13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrow's Pre offers a generous 50 standard servings to keep you fueled through an extended series of workouts.

  • What are the 'exotic' ingredients in the formula?

    In addition to standard pre-workout ingredients, our blend features exotic elements like Juglans Regia (Walnut Extract), Mesembrine (Kanna Extract), & Rhodiola Rosea, known for their mood-enhancing & stress-reducing benefits.

13 Lives Cyberpunk
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Summary Of Reviews
13 Lives Cyberpunk is a pre-workout supplement that has been highly praised for its energy-boosting capabilities and great taste. Users report feeling focused and energized during their workouts without any negative after-effects.
Provides high energy and focus.
Tastes great, with unique flavors.
No negative after-effects reported.
Cost-effective workout supplement.
Can be double scooped if needed.
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Wayne H
13 Lives Cyberpunk
400g / 50 Serves Rapidfire Raspberry
Taste nice and great energy
Collected via Trustpilot
Sy W
13 Lives Cyberpunk
400g / 50 Serves Gigabit Grape
Okay i had to give this one a review. The Energy was a solid 10/10, i felt dialed in and really euphoric. it was the first time in a long time where i just wanted to stay in the gym and keep going. The big thing i asked for was something which didnt leave me scattered after, i felt normal after and didnt feel like i was going to collapse. OH and this flavour in particular i liked, i tried a sample and many grapes feel like a humba bubba rip off, this one was smooth and kinda like a candy grape. Anyway solid 10/10 for me
Marcus H
13 Lives Cyberpunk
400g / 50 Serves Lemon Drop
The best tasting pre-workout I've ever had, lemon drop tastes exactly how it sounds. Very cost effective, as roughly $70 = 50 scoops, if you feel like you need an extra kick, you can always double scoop it. Solid formula, great taste.
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