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The Re-Engineered Shredding Matrix

Quick Summary

  • The Most Powerful Fat Shredding Protein Formula to Date

  • New Feel Full Technology - Making you Feel Fuller for Longer

  • A World First - First Ever Protein Powder to include the Novel Ingredient Teacrine®

  • Block Carbs & Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

  • Strong Diuretic Effect - Suppress Estrogen & Sheds Unwanted Water Weight

  • Still the Ultimate Fat Shredding Protein Powder Available in the World

  • The High Dose of Active Ingredients Compared to Competitor's Powders Speak for Themselves


Since 2005, Shredding Matrix has been Australia’s best-selling fat loss protein. It has cultivated a mass following with its ground-breaking high protein, fat-metabolising formula. It broke the trend of other low-protein “diet shakes” that would give minimal protein to have low calories on their nutritional panel. This would not only lead to an underwhelming feeling of fullness but was it ideal for those who took part in intense physical activity either. Fewer calories meant less energy, less protein meant slower recovery. 

So they created a high protein shake with fat metabolising properties, while still maintaining a low carb, low fat (thus low calorie) profile. It quickly became a staple in many diets whether it be a first-time dieter or a seasoned athlete wanting to shred the last few ounces of body fat. 

Why has it changed? Some would argue the old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, chances are you are reading this article in the palm of your hand on an iPhone X. Pretty impressive piece of technology. However, 10 years ago, so was the iPhone 4. My point? Technology moves fast, science moves fast, and the sports and supplement industry is no exception. So let’s take a closer look at how the OG of fat loss proteins has reinvented itself to maintain its spot on top of the mountain.

Active Ingredients


I want to cover what differentiates a fat-loss protein shake from your normal protein shake. As mentioned above, there is more to it than just putting in fewer calories, so let’s start with the stimulants.

Elemental Nutrition has not only used caffeine, both in its anhydrous form and from its green tea extract but is also the first ever company to utilize the ultra-potent Teacrine. At just 4mg, this modern-day stimulant is extremely potent, with a much slower, steadier release. Teacrine works to not only improve energy, focus and clarity but also drastically increase your metabolism. 

The speed of our metabolism decides our BMR (basal metabolic rate) which will differ from person to person based on age, gender, weight etc. Think of your BMR as a currency, every day you get a certain amount of calories, let’s say 2,000. Everything you eat, you spend these calories. By day’s end, whatever calories you have leftover get put into your weight loss bank.

We are best to spend these calories wisely, on nutrient-dense food. If we waste it on empty calories (calories with little to no nutrients) such as a Mars bar (200 calories) we have just thrown away 200 calories we could have saved in our weight loss bank for no benefit.

By taking a scoop of Shredding Matrix, not only are we spending 114 calories on a super dense, important nutrient like protein, but the stimulants raise our metabolism for the day, raising our BMR, thus giving us more calories burned.

Advanced "Feel Full" Technology

Next up could possibly be one of the most important parts of this formula. Diets often fail when we rely solely on willpower, like our muscles, willpower has been shown to fatigue and that is when we cave. Spending your whole diet hungry and trying to ignore it is a sure recipe for failure.

But, isn’t it a must that we are starving the whole time we are in a caloric deficit? Not at all. It depends on the macronutrients. Protein has been proven to be the most satisfying macronutrient per calorie. Protein digests slowly, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this feel-full formula.

It also contains extracts from the fruit garcinia cambogia. This fruit has been shown to manipulate the way the body digests carbohydrates. This, in turn, stops major spikes in blood sugar levels that we experience after ingesting a large amount of carbs. After these spikes come down, which they tend to quickly, we tend to get intense feelings of hunger and cravings. 

Shredding Matrix has been formulated with ingredients to give it a thick, silky smooth texture when mixed with 300ml of water. This (apart from tasting like you’re drinking a milkshake) acts to create an appetite-killing coating in the stomach. 

So, in other words. By making a single shake you get more protein, fewer calories and feel fuller for it. 

Drop Water & Suppress Estrogen

Next up, water weight. A main staple in our diets is sodium, without it, our body would be unable to retain water. If we were unable to retain water, as soon as we drank it, it would exit our bodies leaving us dehydrated. Retention of water is vital, however, with modern-day western diets, we can be known to ingest too much sodium, leading to us holding onto more water than we wanted.

This can lead to feelings of heaviness, not to mention a puffy, bloated look. This is not ideal for those who spend hours a week honing their physique only to be hidden away. As part of Elemental’s engineered Shredding Matrix, they have included 150mg of dandelion root, known to act as a diuretic causing the body to combat the over-retaining effects of sodium, allowing us to dump unwanted water through urine. The root also works beautifully with the natural caffeine found in Shredding Matrix for a more powerful effect.

The next ingredient that separates Shredding Matrix from the rest is the inclusion of DIM (diindolylmethane.) DIM is known for having the ability to effectively suppress estrogen levels in both men and women. Estrogen is the main hormone associated with holding onto stubborn body fat. Suppressing estrogen can not only lead to greater weight loss, but it can allow the body to maintain an anabolic state for longer, meaning greater muscle growth as well. Last but not least, higher levels of estrogen are known to cause the body to hold onto water, which is why I have included the estrogen suppression of Shredding Matrix alongside its diuretic properties as they work in perfect unison.

Dropping water weight is a must for an effective cutting cycle. With the dandelion root working alongside caffeine plus the estrogen-suppressing effects of DIM, you’ll be sure to have a much clearer look at the fruits of your labour with that dry, cut look.


Long-time lovers of Shredding Matrix will notice the flavours have changed. We are human, meaning we are the ultimate creatures of habit. So at first, change will always invoke discomfort. We Mr Supplement are no different, and as long-time lovers of this product’s popular flavours, we as well were at first, thrown back. That is until we did a blind taste testing on staff as well a select few customers for the most honest opinions. Those, along with information directly from the formulators from their 18 months of extensive research and development with over 40 samples as to why these changes were made, have given us some real feedback and information on the changes, and I’m here to pass them on to you. 

First, the ever-popular Hot Chocolate flavour vs the new Chocolate Mud Cake. I’ll start with why it was changed. The old formula of Shredding Matrix, though ahead of its time, pales in comparison to the jam-packed formula now. Just the inclusion of potent stimulants Teacrine and Dynamine remind us just how forward-thinking this brand can be. I mentioned before the potency of just 4mg each of these being as strong as a cup of coffee and with that comes bitterness. 

The old Hot Chocolate simply wasn’t rich enough to cover these new powerful ingredients. So it was upgraded to a much richer, maltier Mud Cake kind of chocolate. When mixed with 300ml of water it received an overwhelmingly positive response, being compared to the taste and smell of Kit Kats. The rich mud cake name was found to be a fitting response. 

The new Caramel Sea Salt and Banana Peanut Butter were found to have an impressively sweet taste for something with almost zero sugar, as well as the Chocolate Honeycomb Crumble. Again, we found a big difference in the amount of water used on the texture and found the 300ml range much nicer than the recommended 150ml on the packaging. However, everyone’s taste buds are different and you will be sure to find what texture suits your palate the best.

In 2021 however, by far the most well-received flavour has been launched - Chunky Choc Mint. This refreshing flavour explodes onto your taste buds the second it hits your tongue. You would be forgiven for forgetting that you are drinking something that is good for you after time. it has been described by testers as "the best flavour of protein I have ever tasted, period." The best part, however, is the lingering taste of the mint makes any kind of "protein aftertaste" an afterthought. 

When to Take It

Now we know what it does, how do we use it for the best results? Shredding Matrix, although a great fat-loss protein, also contains enough protein and essential amino acids to be your post-workout shake as well. With 22g of complete protein made up mostly of fast-absorbing whey isolate, it will more than suffice your muscles’ need for protein after even the most intense of workouts. 

Aside from being your post, Shredding Matrix can act as a fantastic meal replacement. For optimal weight loss results, it is best taken in the morning to give your body the best chance to make use of all the active ingredients included.

Note to be mindful of the caffeine contained in Shredding Matrix which is not the best to be used as a nighttime shake as any caffeine left in your system could disrupt you from having a good night’s sleep which is essential for effective weight loss, muscle growth or recovery.

Formulation Change

In November 2020 there was a small change to the Shredding Matrix Formula. When launched in early 2020 the formula did contain the ingredient Dynamine™ which subsequently became banned in Australia. Shredding Matrix there for no longer contains the ingredient Dynamine™.


As mentioned above, the caffeine and other stimulants used in Shredding Matrix are dosed highly enough to require precaution when taken too late in the evening. One should also take into account the number of stimulants being taken along with other forms such as coffee, pre-workouts etc. 

Shredding Matrix, although high enough in calories to replace a meal or to be taken between meals, is not a viable option to replace all meals in a day on its own. This product is purposely low in carbohydrates and fat, which are important nutrients to be included in one’s diet. However, being such a rich source of protein, some could opt to mix the shake in somewhat of a smoothie along with fruits, yogurt, peanut butter etc as to balance out the macronutrients making for a more effective meal replacement. 

Shredding Matrix is a whey-based protein. Whey is a derivative of milk. This is worth noting if you are lactose intolerant. Luckily, in the mindfulness of people with such conditions, or for those who part-take in a vegan lifestyle, this year EN has launched Plant Matrix. See here for more details on this product.

Decrease in Serving Size

Long-time users of Shredding Matrix will also notice a change in its serving size, coming down from its usual 40g scoop to 30g. The reason for this was simple, value. This year with EN’s advanced Feel Full Technology, we found the now 30g of powder to be as, if not more filling than the previous 40g. This, in turn, allows for customers to get more servings per container for no extra cost.

For example, we now get 33 serves out of the 1kg tub using the 30g scoop, as opposed to 25 serves prior to the change. Furthermore, the 30g scoop still provides a more than generous 24g of high-quality protein with a complete amino acid profile, which has been shown to be more than sufficient for optimal muscle recovery for most people.

For those who are still not quite convinced with the change, simply use a full scoop, then another ⅓ of a scoop on top, but EN are confident you will find the new 30g will suffice in both fullness and muscle recovery.


Shredding Matrix has made some changes, but they are definitely for the best. These changes were not sudden, a lot of time and research has gone into them ensuring that users of this cutting-edge product remain ahead of the curb and have the most recent and most effective ingredients to date.

With a much improved Shred Matrix and overall metabolism-boosting formula, along with effective diuretics, appetite suppressants and an overall revamped Feel Full Technology, the leader in fat loss proteins has been sure to not fall behind in a new age of supplement and exercise science.

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