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Staunch Burning Man
Burning Man
Powered By: Staunch

Feel the Burn Mate!

  • Stimulate Thermogenesis & Boost Fat Burning
  • Decrease Appetite & Cravings
  • Increase Energy & Focus
  • 30 Full Serves & a Great Taste
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Imagine having the stamina to perform better during your workouts while experiencing the astounding fat loss, energy, and elevated mood that everyone loves. Achieving a body more than just being skinny, but actually achieving your dream physique may be right around the corner! Staunch's Burning Man is an advanced fat burning supplement designed with the most effective supplement available to make this your reality. Powered by the science of thermogenesis, Burning Man can dramatically accelerate your fat-burning efforts and help you achieve your weight loss goals. Burning Man also aids in boosting energy levels while suppressing your appetite. Burning Man has been formulated with proven ingredients in exact dosage to provide ultimate results.

Key Ingredients including Capsimax & Thermodiamine
Capsimax, is a premier fat burning ingredient designed with the highest natural source of active capsaicinoids from capsicum. With its patented OmniBead technology, Capsimax effectively encapsulates natural capsicum with a control released coating delivering clinically relevant levels of capsaicinoids directly to their absorption target. A randomized double blind human clinical study showed Capsimax’s effects on lipolysis in the breaking down of fat and secretion of epinephrine and nor-epinephrine. These hormones are the key hormones that help control metabolism. Test subjects who were administered 100 mg of Capsimax exhibited a significant increase in free fatty acids and glycerol after exercise showing that fat breakdown process had begun. Another similar study showed that Capsaicinoids helps prevent weight gain and weight re-gain. Capsimax was found to increase thermogenesis leading to a loss in weight, body fat and waist sizes.

Thermodiamine is one of the most powerful fat burners on the market today. Traded by the USPTO, this popular fat burner is also known as Evodiamine and comes from the unripe fruit of Evodia Rutaecarpa. Thermodiamine has been shown to share similar thermogenic pathways as Capsimax and supports reduction in body fat through lipolytic activity. Thermodiamine burns fat through its activating effects on cell receptors known as vanilloids, which help regulate body temperature. It also works by increasing output of epinephrine and nor-epinephrine leading to fat oxidation and fat loss. In a recent study, Thermodiamine was shown to significantly reduce body weight with a focus on significantly less body fat! Another such study showed Thermodiamine supports hunger suppression by causing a reduction in neuropeptide Y, a hypothalamic peptide that regulates hunger.

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Staunch Burning Man
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  • Can Staunch Burning Man be taken daily, or should I cycle its usage?

    Staunch Burning Man can be taken daily as part of your fat-burning & weight loss routine. However, some individuals choose to cycle its usage to prevent tolerance buildup to the caffeine content. Cycling involves taking the supplement for a period & then taking a break from it for a specified time before resuming.

  • Is there a recommended time of day to take Staunch Burning Man?

    There is no specific time of day recommended for taking Staunch Burning Man. Some individuals prefer taking it in the morning for an energy boost, while others may take it before workouts. Choose a time that works best for you and your fitness routine. I would avoid taking this product in the afternoon/night to avoid disrupted sleep.

  • Is Staunch Burning Man a magic pill for weight loss?

    Staunch Burning Man is not a magic pill for weight loss. It is a supplement designed to support your weight loss goals, but it should be used alongside a healthy diet & regular exercise for best results.

  • Can I use Staunch Burning Man as a pre-workout supplement?

    Yes, Staunch Burning Man can be used as a pre-workout supplement due to its energy-boosting properties. However, keep in mind that it also contains caffeine, so if you are using another pre-workout supplement with caffeine, consider adjusting the dosage accordingly to avoid excessive caffeine intake.

  • How many servings are there in a container of Staunch Burning Man?

    Each container of Staunch Burning Man provides 30 full serves.

  • How should I consume Staunch Burning Man?

    As a dietary supplement, mix one serving (one scoop) of Staunch Burning Man with 6-8 ounces of water & consume it as directed.

  • How does Thermodiamine help in fat burning?

    Thermodiamine, also known as Evodiamine, is a powerful fat burner derived from the unripe fruit of Evodia Rutaecarpa. It shares thermogenic pathways with Capsimax & supports fat reduction through lipolytic activity. Additionally, it suppresses hunger by reducing neuropeptide Y, which regulates hunger.

  • What is Capsimax, and how does it contribute to fat burning?

    Capsimax is a premier fat burning ingredient derived from capsicum, which contains active capsaicinoids. Its patented OmniBead technology ensures controlled release, delivering clinically relevant levels of capsaicinoids. Capsimax increases thermogenesis, promotes fat breakdown, & aids in weight & body fat loss.

  • What is Staunch Burning Man?

    Staunch Burning Man is an advanced fat burning supplement designed to stimulate thermogenesis, boost fat burning, decrease appetite & cravings, & increase energy & focus. It is formulated with proven ingredients in precise dosages to provide ultimate results in achieving weight loss goals & an improved physique.

  • How many scoops per day can I take?

    For safety reasons we always recommend following the product label recommendations.

  • Does Burning Man contain Yohimbine?

    Staunch Burning Man sold in Australia does NOT contain Yohimbine. Yohimbine is illegal for import into Australia.

Staunch Burning Man
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Summary Of Reviews
Staunch Burning Man is a product designed for energy and weight loss, with many users praising its effectiveness and taste. However, some users found the cayenne pepper flavor to be overpowering and did not feel the expected energy boost.
Provides noticeable energy and alertness boost.
Aids in weight loss.
Unique, enjoyable taste for some.
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James D
Staunch Burning Man
I find this product amazing! Love the taste compared to other products and the feel of capsimax. (Cayenne peppers might not be for everyone-mild burn). Can feel energy and alertness straight away and has already assisted loosing those Kg's. Great valued product at the price.
Staunch Burning Man
Great product. I feel the change in my energy levels after use.
Collected via Trustpilot
Andrew K
Staunch Burning Man
266g / 30 Serves Strawberry Orange
Very disappointed in this product first of all the taste is pretty horrendous that is of course you love a mouthful cayenne pepper 1st thing in the morning, secondly I didn't get much of a thermo hit from it or energy.
Allan E
Staunch Burning Man
Amazing product keeps my throughout the day i can literally feel it working that capsimax and grains of paradise can't beat it.
Staunch Burning Man
It’s been a week so let’s see
Collected via Trustpilot
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