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R1 Roar
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Ferocious Old School Pre-Workout

  • Energy and Focus from Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Strength from Creatine, Beta-Alanine, Taurine, & Betaine
  • Pump from Citrulline & Arginine
  • Hydration & Replenishment Supporting Electrolyte Blend
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When it's time to conquer your most ambitious fitness goals, you need a pre-workout that matches your ferocious drive. Introducing ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout by Rule 1. Every ingredient in this powerful formula has been carefully selected with one purpose in mind: to help you attack your workouts with unrivalled intensity. With ROAR, you'll experience a surge of energy, unwavering focus, & the strength to dominate every session. It's time to unleash your inner beast and take your training to new heights.

Roar Main Ingredients

  • L-Citrulline: 2g
  • CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine: 1.2g
  • Creatine Monohydrate: 1g
  • Taurine: 1g
  • L-Arginine: 500mg
  • Electrolyte Blend (Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Oxide): 350mg
  • Caffeine (from Green Coffee Bean Extract, Tea Leaf Extract): 175mg
  • L-Tyrosine: 120mg
  • Betaine Anhydrous: 100mg

Roar Ferocious Pre-Workout: Key Benefits

  • Explosive Energy & Focus: Get a powerful boost of energy & sharpened mental focus, allowing you to crush your workouts with intensity
  • Enhanced Strength & Performance: Maximize your strength & endurance potential with a combination of key ingredients, helping you push past your limits
  • Unparalleled Muscle Pump: Experience incredible muscle pumps & increased blood flow, promoting nutrient delivery & overall muscle fullness
  • Optimal Hydration & Recovery: The electrolyte blend supports hydration, preventing dehydration during intense training & aiding in post-workout recovery

Conquer your fitness journey with the unstoppable power of ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout. This carefully crafted formula combines the finest ingredients to fuel your energy, strength, & muscle pumps like never before. From its intense focus amplification to its hydration support, ROAR is the ultimate weapon in your training arsenal. Don't just attack your workouts—dominate them with ferocious intensity. Get your ROAR today & elevate your performance to new highs.

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  • What makes ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout special?

    ROAR stands out from other pre-workouts due to its inclusion of strength & muscle growth ingredients that many other products lack. With the presence of ingredients like creatine, CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine, & more, ROAR embodies the essence of an old-school type pre-workout, delivering powerful results to help you maximize your strength & build lean muscle mass.

  • How much caffeine is in ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout?

    Each serving of ROAR contains 175mg of caffeine, providing a solid energy boost to fuel your workouts & keep you focused throughout your training session. At this same time this amount is not over the top allowing for a smooth non-crash experience.

  • Is ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout suitable for beginners?

    Yes, ROAR is suitable for both beginners & experienced fitness enthusiasts. Its versatile formula can be adjusted to match individual tolerance & desired intensity.

  • How long before my workout should I take ROAR Ferocious Pre-Workout?

    For optimal results, we recommend taking ROAR approximately 30-45 minutes before your workout. This will allow enough time for the ingredients to kick in & provide you with the energy & focus you need. Some users may choose to take it closer to their workout session and this is fine also.

  • Can I stack ROAR with other supplements?

    Yes. ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout can be safely stacked with other Rule 1 supplements including protein powders, amino acids & more to further enhance your training experience.

  • Does ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout contain any banned substances?

    No, the ROAR label is free from any banned substances. It has been rigorously tested & formulated to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring a safe & effective pre-workout experience.

  • How long does the effect of ROAR last?

    The duration of ROAR's effects may vary from person to person, but you can expect sustained energy, focus, & performance enhancement throughout your workout, helping you go the extra mile.

  • Can I use ROAR Ferocious Pre-Workout for cardio workouts?

    Yes. ROAR is designed to provide an energy boost & enhance performance, whether you're hitting the weights or engaging in intense cardio sessions. It's a versatile pre-workout suitable for all training modalities.

  • Is ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout suitable for women?

    Yes, ROAR is suitable for both men & women. It does not contain any gender-specific ingredients & can be used by individuals of all fitness levels.

  • Can I take ROAR on non-training days?

    While ROAR is specifically formulated to enhance your workouts, you can still consume it on non-training days if you desire an extra energy & focus boost. However, we recommend following the recommended serving guidelines.

  • Does ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout cause jitters or crashes?

    ROAR is expertly formulated to provide a smooth & sustained release of energy, without causing jitters or crashes. With 175mg of caffeine only you can expect a clean & powerful pre-workout experience.

  • Can I mix ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout with juice or other beverages?

    While ROAR is best mixed with cold water for optimal taste & absorption, you can mix it with other non-caffeinated beverages if you prefer. Just ensure that you adjust the amount of liquid accordingly.

  • Can I exceed the recommended serving size of ROAR Ferocious Pre Workout?

    We strongly advise against exceeding the recommended serving size of ROAR. Stick to the suggested dosage to ensure your safety & to experience the desired effects effectively.

R1 Roar
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