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Musashi Glutamine
Powered By: Musashi

Energy Source for Recovery, Combats Intense Training Soreness

  • Pure Free Form L-Glutamine Powder 
  • Enhance Recovery from Strenuous Exercise 
  • Provides Sustained Energy for Muscle Recovery 
  • Supports the Immune System 
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Musashi Glutamine is an important energy source for the cells in the intestinal tract and the immune system. It should be taken in circumstances likely to lead to glutamine deficiencies such as strenuous exercise and during periods of extreme stress.

Key Benefits

  • Pure free form powder
  • Energy source for certain cells
  • Beneficial in strenuous exercise
  • Beneficial during periods of stress


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Musashi Glutamine
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  • What is Musashi Glutamine, and what role does it play in the body?

    Musashi Glutamine is a dietary supplement that provides the amino acid glutamine, which serves as a crucial energy source for cells in the intestinal tract and the immune system, supporting their optimal function.

  • How does Musashi Glutamine support intestinal health?

    Glutamine serves as a primary energy source for the cells lining the intestinal tract, supporting their growth, repair, and function, thereby promoting overall intestinal health and integrity.

  • Does Musashi Glutamine play a role in supporting the immune system?

    Yes, glutamine is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, as it is utilized by immune cells for energy production and to support immune response mechanisms, making Musashi Glutamine beneficial for immune system health.

  • Can Musashi Glutamine help with muscle recovery?

    Yes, Musashi Glutamine can aid in muscle recovery by providing the necessary amino acid substrate for protein synthesis and supporting the repair and growth of muscle tissue following strenuous exercise.

Musashi Glutamine
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Summary Of Reviews
Musashi Glutamine is a supplement that has been praised for its healing properties, particularly for individuals with Ulcerative Colitis and eczema. It is also popular among bodybuilders for its muscle recovery benefits and its ability to boost training when mixed with protein and creatine.
Effective for gut healing and inflammation
Enhances muscle recovery and growth
Can boost workout performance when mixed with other supplements
Only one brand experience for some users
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Jillian H
Musashi Glutamine
350g Natural
I have Ulcerative Colitis and eczema. Many supplements will flare both conditions up. However, I find this power (a teaspoon in water) to be exceptionally excellent for healing my gut. If I ever flare up, I just need to take this three times a day and I settle down very quickly thereafter. Last time it only took 48 hours. Most people seem to take it for body building purposes. I don’t. I simply use it as a treatment for IBD. I have only ever used this brand, so am unable to compare it to any other brand. But I am very happy with Musashi and will stick with it. The only down side is not many places stock it. Lucky Mr Supplement does :)
Musashi Glutamine
I didn’t believe it when a training buddy informed me that glutamine not only prevents the breakdown of muscles, but also assists your body in producing growth hormones. After some research I decided to check it out and went with Musashi as they have a pretty good reputation and I’ve generally been impressed with most of their other products. I’ve been really enjoying using it and am starting to see the difference after just a few weeks. The top benefit for me has been how fast my muscles recover when I use glutamine and protein together. I also get great results from mixing it with a bit of creatine before a workout. It just gives me an extra training boost (more so than when I use protein and creatine alone). Musashi Glutamine is available in most places, but I prefer to buy on Mr Supplement as the delivery is really fast and it’s usually a lot cheaper.
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