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Musashi Electrolytes
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Low-Carb Low-Sugar Electrolyte Formula

  • Contains Key Electrolytes Lost in Sweat
  • Added Glutamine to Support Recovery
  • Tasty Flavours Including Watermelon & Blue Raspberry
  • 30 Serves Making 15 Litres
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Push your limits without compromising your body's vital nutrients with Musashi Electrolytes. Specially crafted for those who live an active lifestyle, Musashi Electrolytes provides a unique low-sugar blend enriched with essential minerals lost during intense sports or workouts. This formula is not just about replenishing lost minerals; it's further enhanced with Glutamine to support recovery, ensuring you're ready for the next challenge.

Musashi Electrolytes is not only scientifically designed to cater to your sports nutrition needs but also promises a delightful taste with flavours like Watermelon & Blue Raspberry. With 30 servings that can make up to 15 litres, every scoop is a step towards optimal hydration & enhanced performance. Experience the perfect blend of taste, nutrition, & hydration for your exhaustive routines.

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Musashi Electrolytes
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  • Why choose Musashi Electrolytes over other hydration drinks?

    Musashi Electrolytes offers a unique low-carb, low-sugar formula that not only replenishes vital minerals but also includes Glutamine to support post-exercise recovery.

  • How does Glutamine in Musashi Electrolytes help post-exercise?

    Glutamine is an amino acid that aids muscle repair & recovery. By including it in our formula, we ensure you're getting optimal support post-workout.

  • Can I combine Musashi Electrolytes with other Musashi products?

    Yes. Add a serve of Musashi Electrolytes to Musashi INTRA-WORKOUT for an amino acid-electrolytes performance combo that's hard to beat.

  • What makes Musashi Electrolytes different from typical sports drinks?

    The blend is scientifically formulated for athletes, prioritising minerals & nutrients essential for peak performance without the extra sugars.

  • How often can I consume Musashi Electrolytes?

    You can take up to 3 serves a day, ensuring you stay well-hydrated & ready for any athletic challenge.

  • Who can benefit from Musashi Electrolytes?

    Anyone engaging in sports, exercise, or physically demanding activities. This formula ensures you're hydrated, energised & ready for peak performance.

Musashi Electrolytes
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