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Mr Supplement App v1.5.0 Released!

The new version of the official Mr Supplement app has been released onto the Android Play Store and iTunes !

Our developers have worked tirelessly (IT Manager chiming in: hahaha! Right...) to bring you version 1.5.0 which brings the following fixes:

  • Fixed notifications on newer devices - The main culprits were the recently released Android 14, but also several Apple devices which crashed randomly.
  • Fixed problem where external site links, such as our social media pages, now open and correctly give the option to return to the app instead of having to force close it - This mainly affected Apple users where there was no way to go back to the app. Now there is :)
  • Added support for both portrait and landscape display modes - Previously only portrait was supported. Our reasoning for supporting landscape too? "why not!"
  • Added stability fixes for more devices
  • Removed the barcode scanner - We really didn't want to but maintaining it took time that we'd like to dedicate elsewhere. We first implemented it 3 years ago and very few customers have used it.
  • Apple devices now require a minimum of iOS 12 - We used to target iOS 9 (the iPhone 4S era) but in order to implement some of the fixes above, we had to remove support for it. iOS 12 (the iPhone 5S era) is the new minimum which should affect virtually no-one, but if it does, you still have the option of using the old app.

If you have any bugs to report, please let us know via the contact form!

This release was a long time coming. Even with the wealth of information online, some things just weren't available and the developers had to figure things out on their own. They of course contributed those fixes to open source communities, such as Github. Mr Supplement - Australia's trusted online supplement store since 2004 (and saving programmers from tearing  out their hair since 2016ish).

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