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Mr Supplement App v1.04 Released!

The new version of the official Mr Supplement app has been released onto the Android Play Store and iTunes !

We've received various bug reports from our loyal customers (thank you!) and have addressed them in this release. Version 1.04 brings the following fixes:


  • Fixed problem with newer devices exiting immediately after the app is opened - This happened mostly on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.
  • Fixed problem with notifications not working on some devices - This seemed to be happen mainly on Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Fixed problem with some newer devices not reporting themselves as the app to the website - This seemed to occur with both Android and Apple devices.


Some of us at Mr Supplement have also noticed a performance boost which is a welcome side-effect of the bug fixes. Others on the team think it's running at the same speed. (IT Manager chiming in: I don't like them).

If you have any bugs to report, please let us know via the contact form!

If you use the app and love it as much as we do, we'd love a review! Good reviews make us happy. Bad reviews mean we go hungry every Food Friday (it's not a thing, but it could be... Managers... you reading? Food Friday. Do it. I swear we're good employees. It's a morale booster. Food... feed us!)

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