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Maxs L-Arginine
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Micronised L-Arginine Powder

  • Build Maximum Muscle
  • Increase Vasodilaton
  • Boost GH Levels
  • No Additives, Fillers or Binders
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Unlock the potential for maximum muscle growth & increased vasodilation with Max's L-Arginine. This pure & micronised L-Arginine powder is designed to provide you with the ultimate support for your fitness goals. You can trust that you're getting a clean & effective arginine supplement with no additives, fillers, or binders.

Each serving of Max's L-Arginine delivers 3g of pure L-Arginine HCL, providing you with the optimal dosage to maximize your results. With 33 servings per container, you'll have a long-lasting supply to fuel your intense workouts.

Max's L-Arginine is formulated to help you build maximum muscle, increase vasodilation, & boost growth hormone (GH) levels. By promoting increased blood flow & nutrient delivery to your muscles, it supports muscle growth & recovery.

Take your workouts to the next level, maximise your gains, and experience the power of this essential amino acid. Try Max's L-Arginine today & accelerate your fitness journey.

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  • How can Max's L-Arginine help me build maximum muscle?

    Max's L-Arginine plays a vital role in promoting increased blood flow & nutrient delivery to your muscles, creating an optimal environment for muscle growth. By supplementing with L-Arginine, you can support your muscle-building goals & achieve maximum muscle development.

  • Can Max's L-Arginine enhance my exercise performance?

    Yes. Max's L-Arginine increases vasodilation, which improves blood flow & oxygen delivery to your muscles. This can result in enhanced exercise performance, allowing you to push harder and go the extra mile during your workouts.

  • Is Max's L-Arginine suitable for athletes & fitness enthusiasts?

    Yes, Max's L-Arginine is formulated with athletes & fitness enthusiasts in mind. It provides the support needed to optimise performance, muscle growth, & recovery, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to maximize their fitness potential.

  • How do I incorporate Max's L-Arginine into my fitness routine?

    It's simple. Take 1 serve of Max's L-Arginine per day, which is approximately 1 level teaspoon (approximately 3g) mixed with 200mL of water, you favourite Maxs protein shake or fruit juice. Make it a part of your pre-workout routine, 30 minutes prior to engaging in sports or exercise, to experience the maximum benefits.

  • Can Max's L-Arginine be used alongside other supplements?

    Yes. Max's L-Arginine can be easily incorporated into your supplement stack. It synergizes well with other performance-enhancing supplements, allowing you to customize your regimen & optimise your results.

  • Can Max's L-Arginine support muscle recovery after intense workouts?

    Yes, Max's L-Arginine can help support muscle recovery after intense workouts. By promoting increased blood flow & nutrient delivery, it aids in the replenishment of depleted muscle tissues, helping you recover faster & get back to your training routine.

  • Can Max's L-Arginine be used for both strength training and endurance activities?

    Yes. Max's L-Arginine can benefit individuals engaged in both strength training & endurance activities. It supports increased blood flow, nutrient delivery, & performance, making it a versatile supplement for athletes pursuing various fitness goals.

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Maxs L-Arginine
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