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Justin Wessels - Giant Sets Shoulders
Giant Set 1: Barbell Shoulder Press/Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Front Raise. For the barbell shoulder press, we're looking at a standing press. Remember to keep constant tension on the delts by not locking out at the top. Control the weight on the way down and keep the rep range high at 15 reps to really hammer those delts. Moving onto the dumbbell shoulder press for 15 reps. Employ a wider arc motion to really target the delts and avoid locking the elbows out on top. Finish off the giant set with front raises. Remember to squeeze and hold tension at the top of the movement. Avoid using upper body momentum to get the weight up. For this giant set, we're aiming for 3 good sets of 15 reps per exercise and increasing the weight with each set. Nick Jones - World Champion Bodybuilder & Justin Wessels - 3x Mr Australia
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