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Faction Labs Core
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Plant Derived Essential Aminos

  • 7g of EAA's
  • 3.5g of BCAA's
  • Supports Muscle Breakdown & Recovery
  • 4 Great Tasting Flavours to Choose
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Upgrade your Amino with Faction Labs Core EAA + BCAA - produced with the highest quality ingredients, using only plant derived free form amino acids. Unlike some protein supplements, Core EAA + BCAA is designed to be fully absorbed and utilised by the human body. Each serve of Core Essential Amino Acids provides 7 grams of EAA’s and 3.5 grams of BCAA’s. It is specifically designed for pre or post workout recovery and repair. It contains all 9 essential amino acids at specific ratios that are required to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue that occurs during exercise. Additionally, Core EAA + BCAA contains ingredients that support adrenal function, control cortisol, support immune function and hydrate muscle cells.

Key Features

  • Prevents muscle breakdown
  • Improves recovery
  • Improves muscle protein synthesis
  • Replenishes electrolytes
  • Supports adrenal function
  • Supports healthy cortisol
  • Improves body's response to stress
  • Supports energy production
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Faction Labs Core
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  • What is Faction Labs Core EAA + BCAA?

    Faction Labs Core EAA + BCAA is an advanced amino acid supplement crafted with premium quality ingredients, featuring plant-derived free form amino acids. It is specifically designed to support pre and post-workout recovery and repair processes, ensuring optimal muscle health and performance.

  • How does Core EAA + BCAA differ from other protein supplements?

    Unlike some protein supplements, Core EAA + BCAA is formulated for complete absorption and utilization by the human body. Its plant-derived amino acids ensure efficient uptake, providing essential nutrients directly to muscles for enhanced recovery and growth.

  • What are the key components of Core EAA + BCAA?

    Each serving of Core EAA + BCAA delivers 7 grams of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and 3.5 grams of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), crucial for preventing muscle breakdown, improving recovery, and enhancing muscle protein synthesis. Additionally, it contains ingredients that support adrenal function, control cortisol, and promote immune function.

  • How does Core EAA + BCAA contribute to muscle health and recovery?

    Core EAA + BCAA is designed to prevent muscle breakdown, improve recovery, and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. By delivering essential amino acids in specific ratios, it replenishes depleted muscle tissue and supports optimal post-workout recovery and repair processes.

  • What additional benefits does Core EAA + BCAA offer?

    In addition to supporting muscle health and recovery, Core EAA + BCAA replenishes electrolytes, supports adrenal function, controls cortisol levels, and enhances the body's response to stress. These features contribute to overall well-being and improved energy production.

  • How does Core EAA + BCAA support hydration and muscle cell function?

    Core EAA + BCAA includes ingredients that hydrate muscle cells, ensuring proper fluid balance and function. By replenishing electrolytes and supporting cellular hydration, it helps optimize muscle performance and recovery.

  • Can Core EAA + BCAA be used for pre-workout supplementation?

    Yes, Core EAA + BCAA is suitable for pre-workout supplementation to prepare the body for exercise and promote optimal performance. Its blend of essential amino acids and supportive ingredients primes muscles for activity and helps prevent fatigue.

  • How should Core EAA + BCAA be incorporated into a fitness routine?

    Core EAA + BCAA can be consumed before or after workouts to support pre and post-workout recovery and muscle repair. Simply mix it with water or your preferred beverage and enjoy its benefits as part of a balanced fitness regimen.

Faction Labs Core
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Summary Of Reviews
Faction Labs Core is a supplement that is popular for its good flavors and effectiveness in aiding workouts. Users particularly like it for its taste, comparing it to mango cordial, and its lack of a weird aftertaste. It also seems to assist in muscle preservation during weight loss.
Good flavor with no weird aftertaste.
Assists in muscle preservation during weight loss.
Provides a boost for workouts.
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Faction Labs Core
480g / 60 Serves Candied Grape
Faction labs always got the good flavours. But overall it's pretty good after crazy training.
Collected via Trustpilot
Mitchell C
Faction Labs Core
480g / 60 Serves Mango Nectar
Tastes very much like mango cottees cordial (1 scoop serve). Tastes great and no weird aftertaste so whats not to like. Like most of their products it does require anywhere from 500ml to a litre of fluid but considering you need 3L a day minimum its not a bad thing.
Faction Labs Core
480g / 60 Serves Candied Grape
I’ve only been taking BCAA’s for a couple months but I think it’s been helping me with my cut, losing fat instead of muscle.
Collected via Trustpilot
Faction Labs Core
480g / 60 Serves Pineapple Passionfruit
Taste good and seems to work well, I have found it a little grainy but once you let it sit for a while it seems fine.
Collected via Trustpilot
John R
Faction Labs Core
480g / 60 Serves Red Raspberry
Haven't used many of these products. I think I'm getting a pre workout boost. It almost tastes good.
Collected via Trustpilot
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