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Faction Labs Disorder Bulge
Disorder Bulge
Powered By: Faction Labs

Caffeine Free Pre Workout, Get Big & Bulged

  • No Stimulants or Caffeine
  • Supports Strength, Power & Performance
  • Ideal for Night Time Workouts
  • Delicious Flavours
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Faction Labs Disorder Bulge is a stimulant-free pump pre workout designed to support vasodilation, nutrient transport and nitric oxide. Bulge is ideal for trainers seeking that pumped workout feeling, without being stimmed up or wired for hours after. It's ideal for PM trainers or individuals sensitive to caffeine or stimulants.

Despite lacking stimulants of any kind, Bulge has been masterfully formulated to support muscle function and energy production - helping to reduce fatigue during your workout. You will find many familiar ingredients in Bulge to other stimulant-free pre-workouts, however with the inclusion of extras not seen often outside of this product such as Himalayan Pink Salt to help your body hold onto all-important electrolytes for a well-hydrated muscle as well as support its ability to contract optimally. 

The Himalayan Salt along with Glycerol Powder and its 2.5g of creatine is a great combination for the body's ability to maintain peak performance. Alongside effective body fuel, Bulge also includes the amino acid L-Tyrosine, shown to help with the brain's ability to focus - something that is welcome in non-stim products to aid in focus and the mind-muscle connection. 

Take Faction Labs Disorder Bulge to maximise your workout and never sacrifice what you could be, for what you are. Feel The Bulge!

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Faction Labs Disorder Bulge
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  • Is there Creatine in Bulge?

    Yes. There is 2.5g of creatine monohydrate in every 11g standard serve of Bulge.

  • What flavours does Disorder Bulge come in?

    Disorder BULGE by Faction Labs comes in Red Russian (Raspberry), Black Fire (Juicy Grape), Purple Reign (Watermelon) & Plan Jane (Natural unflavoured). More exciting BULGE flavours may also be released in future.

  • What is Faction Labs Bulge?

    Faction Labs Disorder Bulge is a pre-workout pump supplement deigned to boost workouts by fueling your muscles, increasing blood flow and supporting focus. Bulge contains zero caffeine or stimulants. Making it perfect for night-time trainers or those who wish to avoid stimulants.

  • What benefits can I expect from Faction Labs Bulge?

    Faction Labs Bulge is designed to increase in gym strength, power, pump and vasodilation. Using Bulge as your pre-workout supplement with regular weight training shall also support muscle hypertrophy.

  • Does Bulge contain caffeine?

    No. Faction Labs Bulge does NOT contain caffeine or stimulants.

  • Will Bulge increase my energy and focus?

    Yes and no. Bulge does not contain stimulants. Increasing energy is not the main aim of Faction Labs Bulge. It does however contain the ingredient L-Tyrosine which may support cognitive function & focus. The effects of energy and focus in Bulge are minimal compared with traditional pre workouts like Faction Labs Disorder.

  • Is Faction Labs Bulge suitable for women?

    Yes. Bulge may be used by women who are seeking to support strength and lean Muscle building.

  • Can Bulge be taken with Disorder?

    Yes. Bulge my be taken with Disorder. We recommend using only one scoop of each. Beginning with a half scoop (to assess your response) of each prior to proceeding to the full scoops.

Faction Labs Disorder Bulge
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Faction Labs Disorder Bulge is a pre-workout supplement that is praised for its ability to enhance workout performance, particularly in muscle isolation and pump. Users appreciate its lack of stimulants and subsequent crash, and its consistent effectiveness over time.
Enhances workout performance and pump
No stimulants or crash effects
Retains effectiveness over time
Best used as a pre-workout supplement
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Ken K
Faction Labs Disorder Bulge
400g / 40 Serves Plain Jane Natural
Great product. Keeps me going for longer during workout, Really feeling the muscles being isolated getting a great pump to targeted areas. No stim, no crash. Worthwhile product that I will continue to buy and have done for approx. 6 months. Stim Pre workout looses effectiveness fast for me but I get a decent pump every time on this . I go the two scoop pre workout of the plain Jane with a bit of flavoured bcaa.
Kade S
Faction Labs Disorder Bulge
12 x 8g / Single Sachets All Flavour Variety Pack
Didn't get much of an effect from this, I got the sample pack and didn't find the flavour nice apart from the purple reign
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