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Elemental Shred & Sleep Stack
Shred & Sleep Stack

Ultimate Shred & Sleep Stack for Growth, Fat Loss & Recovery

  • Stack Includes Elemental Shred & Elemental Sleep
  • Curb Appetite & Suppress Cravings 
  • Boost Metabolism & Support Weight Loss
  • Maximize Lean Muscle Growth & Repair
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Elemental Shred & Sleep Stack is the ultimate stack for those wanting to support fat loss and fasten recovery. The stack consists of fat burner, Elemental Shred which is packed with potent ingredients like Theacrine, Green Tea, Chromium Picolinate to provide you energy whilst helping you lose weight.

The stack also includes Elemental Sleep; a supplement to help you sleep better, recover fast and let your muscles repair. All ingredients work synergistically to help you feel great while you embark on your weight loss journey.

The Stack contains:

  • Elemental Shred - 210g
  • Elemental Sleep - 200g

Product Highlights

  • Elemental Shred – burns fat & increases metabolism
  • Elemental Sleep – supports deep sleep & faster recovery
  • Curb appetite & cravings
  • Boost metabolism
  • Supports weight loss & muscle recovery
  • Maximise lean muscle growth

If you're serious about your weight loss, looking to sleep better, recover faster, feel more energetic and burn fat, then using the right products and stacking your products in the right way is crucial. This combination of supplements by Elemental is for anyone wanting to lose weight so they can look and feel their best, develop lean muscle and increase energy and focus.

These supplements will help you to feel great while you are on your weight loss journey so that you can enjoy it. 

The 'Shred & Stack' Guide

To make the most out of the supplements included in this stack, it is crucial to follow a recommended procedure.

Training Days

  • 30 minutes before the workout take 1 serving of Elemental Shred powder
  • 30 minutes before bed take 1 scoop of Elemental Sleep

Non-Training Days

  • Take 1 capsule of Elemental Shred in the morning
  • 30 minutes before bed take 1 scoop of Elemental Sleep


As with many cycling procedures, ensure that there is an appropriate break in between cycles. Ideally for The ‘Shred & Sleep Stack’, the cycle should be 12 weeks of continued use with at least 4 weeks of discontinuation.

The Elemental Guarantee 

Whilst Elemental Nutrition products are manufactured at stringent quality control facilities and the best of their kind, we also understand that it’s not possible to please all people at the time. Thus, should you be unsatisfied with any Elemental Nutrition product, you can return it to your place of purchase within 30 days for a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. Proudly Australian Owned and Operated.

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Elemental Shred & Sleep Stack
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