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BSc Triandrobol Test

BSc Triandrobol Test

60 Tabs / 30 Serves
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BSc Triandrobol Test

BSc Body Science  BSc Triandrobol Test - This unique herbal extract formulation is a world first in therapeutic based sport performance products. Body Science proudly delivers Triandrobol Test containing a potent extract blend which includes Bulgarian Tribulus, ZMA, Ginseng, D-Aspartic Acid and Ginkgo. The additional ingredients are proven to work well when used in combination with Bulgarian Tribulus resulting in peak performance benefits.

Reach Your Potential

Athletes often forget the mental side of performance and simply think if they put in the hard yards it will all work out on the day. Mental focus, clarity and belief play just as important part as what physical performance does. For this reason Triandrobol Test looks after all stages of physical performance with optimal hormonal and physical support in conjunction with Ginkgo to support mental performance. Train smart, train strong withTriandrobol Test.

The Brief

Tribulus Terrestris is a vine plant that has a long history of uses. People around the world have turned to Tribulus to promote overall health and encourage muscle development. When taken on a regular basis Tribulus may be an excellent source for promoting muscle gains. Tribulus can assist in supporting sexual health and improving your athletic performance. If you’re involved in a sport that requires power and focus, Tribulus may help you get more out of your body. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris phytochemistry is entirely different from the phytochemistry of the same plant found elsewhere in the world. Not all Tribulus are created equal with Bulgarian Tribulus providing superior physiological benefits. Triandrobol TestoPlus utilises Bulgarian Tribulus with synergistic ingredients to improve the body’s anabolic state. Triandrobol TestoPlus is more than a Testosterone enhancer which includes Bulgarian Tribulus, ZMA, Ginseng, D-Asparticacid and Ginkgo. The additional ingredients are proven to work well when used incombination with Tribulus. Take your performance to the next level and get some serious results.

    Supplement Facts
    BSc Triandrobol Testo Plus
    Serving Size
    2 Cap
    Nutritional Information
    Per Capsule
    Herbal extracts equivalent to dry
    Tribulus Terrestris (Bulgarian Tribulus) root
    Standardised to furastanol saponins calc as protodioscin
    Tribulus Terrestris (Bulgarian Tribulus) fruit
    Standardised to furastanol saponins calc as protodioscin
    Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) seed
    Epimedium sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed) leaf
    Aspartic Acid
    Equiv. Boron
    Menaquinone 7 (Vitamin K2)
    BSc Triandrobol Testo Plus Directions
    Best taken in a cyclical pattern 8 weeks on, 1 week off to prevent receptor attenuation. Take 2 tablets daily or as directed by your healthcare prefessional. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
    Keep in cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Store below 30°C.
    This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with an appropriate physical training or exercise programme. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Product also contains Gluten.
    General Product Warning
    Users should seek medical advice prior to beginning any supplementation program. This especially applies to individuals taking prescription medication or those with pre-existing medical conditions. Always read the label prior to consuming any supplement, always follow the manufacturer's directions & never exceed the recommended dose. In the event of experiencing any unwanted effects discontinue use immediately & seek medical advice if symptoms persist. Keep out of reach of children.
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    BSc Triandrobol Test Reviews

    , Blakeview
    I was originally a bit sceptical about test boosters, but I've gotta say I'm feeling so much stronger with this Testo Plus. I feel like I can lift more and have a bit more stamina so I'm definitely impressed with the supplement.
    , Prospect, SA
    Brilliant supplement. I feel the aggression and power after taking a cycle. Been lifting like a madman. Will buy again after a couple weeks off.
    , Rockdale NSW
    I have tried a number of testosterone supplements over the years but regardless of all the new product and ridiculous claims from many manufacturers I keep coming back to Triandrobol. The Testo Plus version is significantly different in that it's a tablet and not the capsules I'm used to and the dosage is smaller. The results though imo are exactly the same, meaning BSc haven't compromised their ingredients and this product packs the same punch as the earier Triandrobol versions. If anything this could be a little stronger. Anyway, this is a very solid test booster.
    , Neutral Bay NSW
    What a quality product. Felt results within the first week. Libido is up and pleased with my purchase.
    , Wingfield SA
    Great testosterone booster, this is the most effective one ive tried to date. Really seems to give me that extra boost needed.
    , Yeppoon QLD
    Easy to take of a morning, not to sure if they are working yet. I have increased in strength a little bit over the two weeks of taking them.
    , Ulladulla NSW
    Hey Mr Supplement, just wanted to let anyone wondering about whether to start on testosterone boosters that BSC Triandrobol 2.0 is an awesome TB to begin on. I had never taken TBs before and have found sick gains off these little blue and white wonders! During workout pump, muscle endurance, kgs I'm lifting have all gone up. And I've got all this extra energy after the workout too! I highly recommend this supplement
    , Newtown Sydney NSW
    I train hard three times per week with a personal trainer and can honestly say I give it my all. My diet is good with protein, carbs and fat in the right ratio and I supplement with protein powder, glutamine and creatine. Initially I gained mass, slowly but steadily until growth plateaued and despite my best efforts I didn't get any bigger. After several months of disappointing progress I decided to add B.Sc Triandrobol to the mix, taking three capsules each morning. Within about two weeks I started to notice an increase in strength (and possibly improved recovery time) and by six weeks an increase in size that has been backed up by measurements. I have just finished an eight week cycle and truly believe it has got me back on the track to growth - I'll be starting cycle two in a couple of week's time.
    , Mosman Sydney NSW
    Looking to boost your testosterone to give you added muscle? Body Science Triandrobol could be just the supplement you’ve been looking for. Strangely, I’ve noticed an increased appetite since taking this supplement – but that’s a good thing as getting the right amount of calories to grow had been a problem in the past. As a result, the muscles are growing and I couldn’t be happier.

    BSc Triandrobol Test Information

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    BSc Triandrobol Test
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    What changes are in the product ingredient wise?
    The new Triandrobol Test has had magnesium, vitamin D and zinc removed as well as ginkgo and siberian ginseng. The new formula has added vitamin k and horny goat weed.
    hello just wondering what the side affects are,and also do you need to take anything else with this?
    Gernally Triandrobol is very well tolerated by healthy individuals. Side effects are rare and would only include stomach discomfort, which can be reduced by taking it with food. Besides Triandrobol, foundation supplements such as protein powder and creatine should be used if your goal is to build muscle.
    Who is it suitable for?
    BSc Triandrobol Testo Plus is for any man looking to increase his levels of testosterone naturally and safely. Bodybuilders and athletes can benefit from the effects of higher levels of testosterone, as they may experience improved muscle gains, performance, and even libido.
    Just wondering if theses are imported or not?
    Triandrobol is made locally by BSc, an Australian company.
    Are there any other products best used with triandrobol?
    Yes. Bsc WPI & Triandrobol work very well together. Bsc WPI can be located at web link:
    Great service. Delivery was extremely fast, and arrived much quicker than I thought and in good condition. I enjoy the great layout and multiple choices, makes it hard to choose but in a very good way. KEEP IT UP!!!!!
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