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Best Hydration & Endurance Supplements 2024

Over the past few years, hydration supplements have been a talking point for the first time in a minute. In this author's opinion, it's great news. A well-hydrated muscle is a muscle that recovers and performs more effectively. 

This category owes a lot of thanks to Logan Paul and KSI with the meteoric rise of Prime Hydration for the attention it's getting. Once people got past the fact two famous influencers made Prime and wanted to find out why it was so popular, it started alot of conversations and research into how and why hydration is so important. In the day and age of everyone seeking energy any way they can get it (usually through stimulants like caffeine) its been amazing for people to see just how much natural energy comes from your body holding a sufficient amount of sweet H20. 

So let's explore the best products made solely for the purpose of increasing both hydration and endurance in an article that would have once only been written for Tour De France participants or someone who just watched a David Goggins video and decided to run around Australia. 

1. Elemental Nutrition Reclaim

Elemental Nutrition Reclaim is the best all-round rehydration/recovery formula for a large spectrum of people. Other products that lean solely on the "hydration" marketing are often geared specifically for endurance athletes. What is the problem with that you ask?

When you target a specific group of athletes, the product must cater to their very specific dietary needs. In the case of an endurance athlete, can afford a lot more sugar and fast-acting carbohydrates than the rest of us. In fact - for some, they would be necessary for their hydration and recovery process. 

For other kinds of fitness goals, the sheer amount of fast-acting carbohydrates in these products is not only not necessary, but could be a detriment to their diet and overall calorie/macro intake. 

So, enter Elemental Nutrition Reclaim. A BCAA recovery formula full of electrolytes to aid in muscle hydration and recovery. Containing 1500mg of electrolytes EN Reclaim is the perfect intra-workout for the gym, road or where ever your training may take place. Not to mention the added benefit of muscle protein synthesis (MPS) that BCAA formulas (namely L-Leucine) cause. 

2. Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel

Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel is a rather popular supplement amongst endurance trainers. The form of the carbohydrates used ensures optimal delivery and absorption for maximum effectiveness.

The 20g of carbs is perfect for anyone wanting to support effort during longer, more intense training sessions. The formula also helps to replace electrolytes lost during exercise which helps improve energy levels and support optimal muscle function and stamina.

Endura features a patented ingredient by the name of Metameg, another form of magnesium that provides higher absorption and bioavailability which helps to reduce muscle cramps that may occur during exercise. Overall, Endura’s top-notch formula is perfect for any serious endurance trainer. 

3. Prime Hydration + Powder

We can't talk about hydration without talking about Prime. However - instead of talking about the bottled version of the sugar-free Gatorade that took the world by storm. I thought we would visit a more convenient and much more cost-effective option. Prime Hydration + Powder is just what you expect. It is the powdered version of the game-changing drink.

Simply add a scoop of Prime Hydration + Powder to an amount of water of your choosing and make your own Prime Drink at a fraction of the price. At the time of writing the flavours that are available are Blue Raspberry, Ice Pop, Lemonade and Strawberry Watermeon. 

4. GU Energy Gel

Coming in at number 4 on our endurance supplements list, we have GU Energy Gel which is a convenient resource to use on the go for many people. It is another popular energy gel that contains an energy-dense formula that helps sustain the energy levels of trainers or athletes.

Gu Energy Gel is absorbed easily without the addition of water, perfect for trainers who want the energy, but not the bloating feeling you get from excessive fluid intake.

As it contains a mixture of carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and herbal blend for enhanced energy production, you can count on receiving maximum energy production from GU Energy Gel.

5. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy + Electrolytes

You may need a hydration drink after reading this name out loud. However, the long name is necessary to explain everything involved in this product. ON have made an essential amino acid (EAA) formula specific for mid-day recovery. Including the EAAs necessary for optimal post-workout restoration.

The energy part of the name comes from its 100mg of caffeine. Not an amount that many would consider high for a supplement, but I feel that is the point. Rather than being a high-stimulant pre-workout, this is more of a pick-me-up for during your day.

Finally, Optimum Amino Energy contains those ever-important electrolytes for your body's ability to hold water and stay hydrated. This is a genius combination as being hydrated can improve our energy levels more than we think, as well as help in the body's ability to bounce back for its next gruelling session.


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