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Vaso 6: Exploring The Benefits

Quick Summary

  • Vaso 6 is a novel ingredient developed by Compound Solutions to enhance nitric oxide production and improve blood flow.
  • It is a specialized extract derived from grape seed and green tea, supporting vasodilation, endurance, and recovery.
  • The ingredient's efficacy stems from its botanical origins, particularly the effective extraction methods from green tea.
  • Vaso 6 operates by increasing blood flow and managing lactic acid levels, maximizing workout intensity and muscle fullness.
  • It provides significant benefits for bodybuilding, including enhanced blood flow, nutrient delivery, reduced fatigue, and improved recovery.
  • Compared to Citrulline, Vaso 6 shows potential superior nitric oxide conversion rates, making it a more potent vasodilator.
  • Vaso 6 is considered safe for consumption, with its natural compounds being regulatory compliant and not linked to adverse effects.
  • A 300mg dose of Vaso 6 may significantly outperform traditional pump ingredients like Arginine in promoting vasodilation.
  • The ingredient is versatile, and featured in various supplements such as pre-workouts, nootropics, and energy drinks.
  • It can be effectively stacked with other supplements like for enhanced fitness and weight loss benefits.

What is Vaso 6?

Vaso 6 is an innovative ingredient developed by Compound Solutions, aimed at enhancing nitric oxide production within the body, thus improving blood flow to the muscles. This unique extract combines the potent effects of grape seed and green tea, not only facilitating vasodilation but also supporting endurance and recovery.

Its effectiveness in boosting muscle pumps and overall athletic performance has positioned it as a sought-after component in the fitness and bodybuilding communities.

Where Does Vaso 6 Come From?

Derived from natural plant extracts, Vaso 6 is specifically extracted from grape seed and green tea. Research, including a pivotal study in the year 2000, highlighted the extraction method of green tea’s components as a significant contributor to increased vasodilation.

This foundation of botanical sources ensures that Vaso 6 is not just effective but also leans on the healthier side of supplementation.

How Does Vaso 6 Work?

Vaso 6 enhances workout performance by promoting blood flow and regulating lactic acid levels, which are crucial for maximizing workout intensity. The mechanism involves the elevation of nitric oxide levels, leading to the activation of cyclic GMP production from endothelial cells within the vascular system.

This biochemical process allows veins to relax and expand, facilitating better blood flow to the muscles, resulting in a more pronounced muscle fullness and vascularity.

Vaso 6 Benefits for Bodybuilding

In the realm of bodybuilding, the efficacy of ingredients like Vaso 6 is paramount. Its role in vasodilation not only supports efficient blood flow for ATP production and muscle recovery but also aids in nutrient delivery to the muscles. This superior nutrient transportation helps muscles appear more voluminous and full.

Furthermore, studies have substantiated Vaso 6's capacity to enhance blood flow, increase glucose uptake, diminish fatigue, and bolster strength and recovery, making it a powerhouse ingredient for athletes.

Vaso 6 vs Citrulline

Comparing Vaso 6 to Citrulline, an amino acid celebrated for its ability to enhance blood flow and muscle pump, highlights some distinct advantages. Vaso 6, a patented blend derived from green tea catechins, exhibits a remarkable efficiency in nitric oxide conversion—some studies, under certain conditions, show it may be 50% compared to Citrulline's approximate 5%.

This significant difference not only underscores Vaso 6's superior potential potency as a nitric oxide booster but also differentiates it from other supplements like Arginine in the market.

Vaso 6 Side Effects, Negatives & Safety

Given its origin from green tea extracts, Vaso 6 is considered safe for consumption, aligning with regulatory compliance. The natural compounds within Vaso 6 have not been associated with any adverse effects, making it a reliable choice for individuals looking to enhance their fitness regimen without compromising health.

Vaso 6 Recommended Dosage & Ingredients

Clinical trials have demonstrated that a dosage of 300mg of Vaso 6 may under certain situations, lead to a 50% increase in vasodilation, outperforming 7 grams of Arginine, a commonly used pump ingredient. This evidence highlights Vaso 6's premium quality and potential effectiveness, making it a critical component in the supplement regimen of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Vaso 6 Supplements

Vaso 6 has found its way into a diverse array of supplements, including pump pre-workouts, nootropics, natural performance enhancers, and energy drinks. Its versatility and efficacy make it a staple ingredient for individuals seeking to maximize their physical performance and recovery.

Stacking Vaso 6 Supplements

Owing to its natural green tea derivation, Vaso 6 is compatible with a wide range of supplements. It can be combined with ingredients like L-Carnitine, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid to bolster weight loss efforts, showcasing its flexibility in supplement stacking for enhanced fitness results.


Vaso 6 stands out as a potent, safe, and versatile ingredient for athletes and bodybuilders aiming to optimize their performance and recovery. Its unique properties and benefits make it a valuable addition to the supplement regimen of those looking to achieve peak physical condition.

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