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Switch Glycerol
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Pure Glycerol

  • Increase Hydration
  • Improve Muscle Pumps
  • Reduce Percieved Exertion
  • Enhance Thermoregulation
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What is Switch Glycerol?

Switch Glycerol, a powerful 3-carbon sugar alcohol derived from triglycerides, is your secret weapon for optimized hydration. Formerly restricted by WADA, it's now a legal supplement, revolutionizing how athletes approach endurance events.

The Science Behind Glycerol

Endurance athletes, especially Ironman triathletes and ultra-runners, rely on fat as a primary energy source during prolonged exercise. As carbohydrates deplete, triglycerides break down, elevating blood glycerol levels. This natural process led to glycerol being mistakenly flagged in drug tests. In 2018, WADA rectified this, recognizing glycerol's critical role in performance.

Beyond Sports

Glycerol isn't just a sports supplement. It's found naturally in various foods and is used across industries, from food production to skincare.

Hydration Amplified

Switch Glycerol creates an osmotic gradient, enhancing fluid retention. By promoting increased water reabsorption in the kidneys, it reduces urinary output, hyperhydrating the body. Studies show potential gains of up to 1L of extra body water, lasting for up to 4 hours.

The Synergy of Glycerol & Sodium

Combine Switch Glycerol with sodium to unleash a hyperhydration powerhouse. This dynamic duo boosts water retention by an impressive 72%, providing a critical edge for athletes tackling extreme conditions.

Why Hyperhydration Matters

Even a 2% loss in body weight due to fluid loss can significantly impair performance. Factors like limited fluid access or high sweat rates can exacerbate this. Hyperhydration offers a buffer, allowing athletes to endure without compromising performance.

The Multi-Faceted Potential Benefits

  • Cardiovascular Support: Glycerol hyperhydration positively impacts cardiovascular function, reducing strain during exercise.
  • Enhanced Thermoregulation: Sweat rates increase, enabling more effective cooling and potentially lowering core temperature.
  • Reduced Perceived Exertion: Athletes report maintaining higher work rates without a heightened sense of effort.
  • Maximize “Pump” Effects: Glycerol can enhance the satisfying pump sensation during strength training, complementing other pump-inducing agents.
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