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SMAI Essentials MMA Gloves
Essentials MMA Gloves
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Mixed Martial Arts Gloves

  • High Grade Syntec Leather
  • Crush Zone Technology
  • Padded Thumb Protection
  • Velcro Closure
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Whether you're fighting in the cage or training at the gym, these gloves offer great padding, superior comfort, and performance with the moulded inner foam and wrist support. 4oz in weight The SMAI MMA Gloves for men and women are manufactured from high-quality synthetic leather. Pre-shaped for comfort, these are an ideal entry-level sparring MMA glove as the inner foam is shaped to cover the knuckle section. This forms an ergonomic design so the user does not have to use a lot of pressure to achieve a closed fist. Ideal for cardio boxing and HIIT training classes.

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SMAI Essentials MMA Gloves
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  • Are these gloves suitable for actual fights in the cage?

    Yes, these gloves are designed for both training & actual fights in the cage. Their high-grade materials, impact-absorbing features, & secure fit make them a reliable choice for competitive MMA matches.

  • Can these gloves be used for cardio boxing and HIIT training?

    Absolutely. The SMAI MMA Gloves are versatile & suitable for various training types, including cardio boxing & HIIT training classes. Their durability & ergonomic design make them a reliable choice for intense workouts.

  • What is the weight of these gloves?

    The SMAI Essentials MMA Gloves weigh 4 ounces (approximately 113.4 grams), providing a balance between protection & agility for both men & women.

  • How are the gloves secured in place?

    The SMAI Essentials MMA Gloves feature a Velcro closure system. This allows for a secure & adjustable fit, ensuring the gloves stay firmly in place during training & fights.

  • How does the padded thumb protection work?

    The padded thumb protection in these gloves serves as an additional safety measure by cushioning the thumb area, reducing the chance of accidental thumb injuries during strikes & grappling.

  • What is Crush Zone Technology?

    Crush Zone Technology is a feature that enhances the impact absorption of the gloves. It helps distribute & absorb impact forces, reducing the risk of injury during training & combat.

  • What are the SMAI Essentials MMA Gloves made of?

    The SMAI Essentials MMA Gloves are made from high-grade Syntec leather, ensuring durability & performance during training & fights.

SMAI Essentials MMA Gloves
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