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Powerzone HGH Formulation

Powerzone HGH Formulation

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150g ($99.95)
Powerzone HGH Formulation

Powerzone Nutrition HGH Formulation is based on the formula used in the study by Italian researcher A. Isidori, M.D. at the University of Rome in the early 1980's. The results of these studies showed very positive increases in human growth hormone while supplementing with two key amino acids Arginine Pyroglutamate and L-Lysine. In our HGH Formulation, we have used this unique formula combined with two other ingredients to buffer stomach acids to allow more efficient absorption and uptake. Only this special type of arginine peptide is effective and has to be in a precise balance with L lysine to obtain optimum results.

Accept no Limitations

There is only one HGH formulation, many other companies have tried to copy our successful formula and failed because they do not have an understanding of how and why the formula works. Our Formula is based on the successful research above and we have many hundreds of happy customers who have got greatbenefits from using our formula.

The chart below shows the increase in HGH levels peaking at 90 minutes at 700% above baseline!

Powerzone HGH

The benefits from increasing HGH levels naturally

  • Muscle mass increase without increased exercise
  • Decrease in fat without change in diet or habits
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Increased cardiac output
  • Better kidney function
  • Increased HDL, with a decrease in LDL cholesterol
  • Faster wound healing
  • Hair re-growth
  • Mood elevation
  • Improve sleep
  • Enhances activities of all other hormones
  • Improves diet
  • Increase in immune functions
  • Increase in exercise performance
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Develops stronger bones
  • Younger and thicker skin
  • Removes wrinkles
  • Increase memory retention
  • Decrease menopausal symptoms

Scientists worldwide have recognized the following benefits from increased Human Growth Hormone levels.

    Why is HGH FORMULATION the best natural HGH releaser on the market?

    • Formula that buffers stomach acids.
    • Precise formulation based on scientific research
    • A safe natural alternative to real HGH
    • Contains no added sugar, artificial sweeteners.
    • Natural lemon lime flavor
    • Mixes easily with water
    • Contains more serves than it's competitors
    • Is NOT a homeopathic formula (not effective)
    • What Is Human Growth Hormone & What Effects Does it have on the human body?
    • HGH is a protein hormone of 191 amino acids that is synthesized and secreted by cells called somatrophs in the anterior pituitary gland. Although ones body continues to produce the same level of HGH throughout their life the problem lies in releasing HGH from the aging pituitary cells.

    Starting at age 20, HGH hormone secretion declines at the rate of 14% a decade, by 60 you only secrete 25% of your body's potential.This reduction, greatly contributes to the acceleration of the aging process and is directly associated with many of the symptoms of aging, including: cardiovascular disease, increased body fat, osteoporosis, wrinkling, graying hairs, decreased energy, reduced sexual function, impaired physical performance (muscle tone and strength), psychosocial deficits, poor sleep and others. HGH is known as the master hormone it controls the sex hormones (e.g. testosterone) as well as every other hormone manufactured by the various glands of the body.

    Do You Remember The Energy And Endurance Of Your Youth?

    Remember when you were a teenager and could run and play all day and never get tired,stay up late at parties and never get tired? Remember how smooth your skin was, or how you could eat what you wanted without putting on too much weight? The gradual loss of energy, endurance, and all of the other conditions we normally associate with the aging process is as a result of the ever-decreasing human growth hormone levels we experience as we grow older. Today, doctors and health care professionals worldwide believe there is direct correlation between the aging process and the gradual decline of our human growth hormone production.

    Increasing HGH levels is the only anti-aging treatment known that actually makes people look younger!" (Ronald M Klatz M.D. "Ten Weeks To A Younger You") As we age, our skin becomes thinner and loses its firm texture and elasticity. In the world-renowned study by Doctor Daniel Rudman, after increasing HGH levels, elderly men experienced an average 7.1% increase of skin thickness. A further self evaluation of 202 people taking HGH for six months resulted in two thirds reporting improvement in skin texture, skin thickness, and skin elasticity. Of this same group, 61% observed fewer wrinkles and 38% reported healthier hair.

    The Fountain Of Youth

    HGH Formulation is based on the formula used in the study by Italian researcher A. Isidori, M.D. at the University of Rome in the early 1980''92s. The results of these studies showed very positive increases in human growth hormone while supplementing with two key amino acids Arginine Pyroglutamate and L-Lysine. In our HGH Formulation, we have used this unique formula combined with two other ingredients to buffer stomach acids to allow more efficient absorption and uptake. Only this special type of arginine peptide is effective and has to be in a precise balance with L lysine to obtain optimum results.

    Effervescent Bicarbonate formula: For Better Absorption

    HGH Formulation is delivered as an effervescent powder. When you mix the HGH Formulation in water it fizzes up. This is caused by the unique blend of ingredients. Bicarbonate helps counter the effects of the stomach acids that can destroy other products. Less stomach acids means more of the amino acids can pass through your stomach and be absorbed through the blood/brain barrier. Natural formula: Our product contains no added sugar, fat, artificial sweeteners or additives other than natural flavors.There are also no fillers and binders with the formula so you know that you are ingesting pure ingredients only. NOTE: The product is best stored in the refrigerator after opening.

    Diet & Nutritional Timing

    Looking and feeling great is something we can all achieve it is not a privilege for the select few! You can look and feel fantastic for the rest of your life by following the simple guidelines below. Please note that you do NOT have to make major changes to your diet and you do NOT have to starve yourself to lose weight. Balance is the KEY and to ensure results you must also understand how the body reacts to various food group. Try and eat 4-5 smaller meals instead of 3 large meals. Each meal should contain a serving of protein around the size of your fist and a slightly smaller serve of carbs.

    Highly processed refined starches and simple sugars tend to suppress HGH levels such as white rice, potatoes, bread, cereals, pasta, cakes, candy, sugared soft drinks. You need not cut these foods out entirely just restrict the portions and consume them earlier in the day with your protein serve. Never eat carbs by themselves, always combine or balance the meal with quality protein sources as this prevents fluctuating blood sugar levels. Do not snack on carb-based foods past 5pm.

    For the final evening meal try and eat no later than 5pm and keep this meal predominantly lean protein like chicken, fish, lean beef and a decent serve of vegetables (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green beans, Zucchini, Cabbage, Pumpkin). For those who wish to drop body fat at a faster rate you can replace the last two meals with protein and vegetables avoiding starchy carbs.Try and drink at least 2-3 liters of pure water per day in between meals. It's always good to drink at least 2 glasses first thing in the morning to flush your system.

    If you goal is weight loss try and include 3- 4 walks per week preferably first thing in the morning for 30- 40 minutes on an empty stomach as this will tap into more body fat stores. For those who wish to build lean muscle mass try include 3 gym workouts per week for 30- 45 minutes, keeping the workouts short and intense with small rest periods between sets as this stimulates more natural HGH release.

    HGH Timing

    For those who's goals are more general health and longevity take HGH Formulation early morning and/or before bed with water on an empty stomach and ensure to follow the recommended diet guidelines above. Please understand the worst thing you can do to negate the positive release of HGH is to eat a high carb diet and eat excessive carb foods late in the evening. This is probably the most important point to remember to get the best results from the product. High carb diets do suppress HGH levels, so try and stick with more vegetables and protein meals for late afternoon and evening meals.

    Supplement Facts
    Powerzone Nutrition HGH Formulation
    Serving Size
    Serving Per Container
    Formulated Supplementary
    Sports Food
    Nutritional Information
    Per Serve
    Per 150g
    Nil kJ
    Nil kJ
    L-Arginine Pyroglutamate
    Powerzone Nutrition HGH Formulation Ingredients
    Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Lemon and Lime Flavouring, Silicon Dioxide.
    Powerzone Nutrition HGH Formulation Directions
    Mix 1 teaspoon in half a glass of water once a day, on an empty stomach either before bed or early morning.
    Keep in cool dry place out of direct sunlight . Store below 30°C
    This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with an appropriate physical training or exercise programme. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.
    General Product Warning
    Users should seek medical advice prior to beginning any supplementation program. This especially applies to individuals taking prescription medication or those with pre-existing medical conditions. Always read the label prior to consuming any supplement, always follow the manufacturer's directions & never exceed the recommended dose. In the event of experiencing any unwanted effects discontinue use immediately & seek medical advice if symptoms persist. Keep out of reach of children.
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    Powerzone HGH Formulation Reviews

    , Point Vernon, QLD on 22/01/2012
    (5 / 5)
    OK 3 weeks in and here's what I've noticed taking as directed each morning on an empty stomach mixed with a half glass of water & a Berocca (nb these improvements are significantly over and above what I normally notice on Berocca alone) - Better Sleep - Improved Mood - Immune System Boost - Higher Energy Levels.
    , Engadine NSW on 20/05/2011
    (5 / 5)
    I would recommend Powerzone HGH Formulation to anyone, it helped with my weight loss and gave me more energy the next day when I was training. The taste is great and it just tightens everything up around the worked areas.
    , Bendigo, VIC on 03/08/2009
    (4 / 5)
    Powerzone is a well known Australian brand amongst anyone who uses sports supplements. They continue to impress with their HGH supplement. My fitness levels are better than they have ever been since starting up two months ago. The main thing I’ve noticed is fat loss and my body being a lot tighter than it ever has been plus I seem to be getting excellent sleep. I’ve been working out hard too, but I have to put it down to Powerzone HGH as I’ve never seen such a drastic positive change in my body before now. I have really enjoyed taking this supplement own its own, but also mix it up with a stack every now and again when I need the extra boost. I’ve had the most success stacking HGH with Nitric Oxide and Creatine. There’s something about it that makes you unstoppable in the gym! Highly recommend Powerzone HGH to anyone looking to start up, or anyone who is looking for a new brand.
    , Bracken Ridge QLD on 07/09/2009
    (4 / 5)
    I have just finished my first cycle of Powerzone HGH. This stuff is awesome. I have tried other products before and have achieved limited results. Powerzone HGH has given me more energy in the gym, more strength, helped lower body fat, increased my libido and improved my sleep quality. I will definatley be using this as my primary HGH supplement from now on. The product preview on the website is what drew me to this product as it made prefect sense- you take it before sleep as this is when your body is producing it's maximal levels of HGH. 10/10.
    , Whitfield Melbourne VIC on 14/04/2010
    (4 / 5)
    You may have seen a plethora of supplements claiming to increase HGH levels, but I wouldn’t go past this one. The infamous ‘Rome Study’ proclaimed that the right blend of amino acids will improve your HGH levels significantly. Well guess what – this product is formulated under the guiding prociples of this groundbreaking study. If you too want to elevate your HGH levels beyond what you thought possible, you HAVE to give Powerzone Nutrition HGH Formulation a try.

    Powerzone HGH Formulation Information

    Ask a question about
    Powerzone HGH Formulation
    Name Email Address Ask Question
    What's the best cycle to run with when using HGH?
    We recommend using 1 month, then taking 2 weeks off before repeating.
    Can I use Powerzone Nutrition HGH combined with EHPLabs OxyShred If is possible How can combine
    Yes, this is fine. We would recommend OxyShred first thing in the morning and before training. Then HGH before bed on an empty stomach.
    Hello, Just wanted to check if taking zma in combination with this product will lessen the effect of either products. cheers
    Combining the two should be okay. However, we would advise against combining the HGH with any amino acid/protein based supplements.
    When is the best time to use Powerzone nutrition HGH
    HGH is best used before sleep on an empty stomach.
    Is there any side effects of taking powerzone nutrition HGH
    Generally Powerzone HGH is very well tolerated by healthy individuals when taken as directed.
    Does HGH formulation contain gluten?
    Although HGH Formulation does not contain any ingredients derived from wheat. However, Powerzone do not make a gluten-free claim and as such we cannot guarantee it is gluten-free.
    will powerzone nutrition HGH show anything on drug tests, only asking cause i have drug tests for work
    Powerzone HGH is a completely legal supplement consisting of amino acids that naturally occurs in food. These will not show up on any drug or alcohol test and would be suitable for you.
    This product is listed with testosterone supplements. Does this mean that HGH should only be taken by males?
    Powerzone Nutrition HGH may be sucessfully taken by both females & males...
    Is Powerzone HGH legal in natural bodybuilding competitions?
    Can I take Powerzone Nutrition HGH combined with Universal Animal Stak?
    Yes they combine well.
    Can this be taken with isomass extreme gainer??
    Hi, yes you can stack this product with isomass extreme gainer. For best results, follow the manufacturers' directions.
    Thanks for the super fast shipping! Best site to buy supplements off!
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