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Musashi Tribulus+
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Supports Stamina & Energy Levels

  • Tribulus & Ginseng Formula
  • May Support a Healthy Libido
  • Only 1-2 Capsules Daily
  • High Potency
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Musashi Tribulus+ is a high-potency herbal blend, specially formulated to support stamina, energy levels, & a healthy libido. Each capsule is power-packed with 10g of Tribulus Terrestris whole plant dry extract & 1g of Korean Ginseng root dry extract.

This unique combination of Tribulus & Ginseng not only promotes vitality but is also designed for daily convenience, with just 1-2 capsules recommended daily with food. Elevate your vitality & fuel your body with Musashi Tribulus+.

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Musashi Tribulus+
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  • Can Musashi Tribulus+ be taken with other supplements?

    Yes. Musashi Tribulus+ may be taken with many other supplements for a synergistic effect, including Musashi 100% Whey Protein, Musashi Pre-Workout or Musashi Creatine.

  • How often should I take Musashi Tribulus+?

    For best results, take 1-2 capsules daily with food.

  • Is Musashi Tribulus+ safe for daily consumption?

    Yes, it's designed for daily use in healthy users. However, always follow the recommended dosage & consult with a healthcare professional if unsure.

  • Can Musashi Tribulus+ help improve my energy levels?

    Yes, the formula is designed to support stamina & energy levels, making you feel more vibrant & active.

  • Does Musashi Tribulus+ support a healthy libido?

    The combination of Tribulus terrestris and Korean Ginseng may support a healthy libido, enhancing overall vitality.

Musashi Tribulus+
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Musashi Tribulus+ is a supplement that users have found useful both before and after exercise. The product's effectiveness is still being evaluated by some users as they have only been using it for a few weeks.
Useful before and after exercise
Effectiveness still under evaluation
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Seamus Q
Musashi Tribulus+
60 Caps / 60 Serves
Have only been using the product for a few weeks but other versions of this type of medicine are useful before and after exercise
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