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Methoxyisoflavone (Methoxy)

Quick Summary Points 

  • Methoxy or 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone is a chemical compound often marketed as a dietary supplement to help with protein synthesis, reduce body fat & promote endurance
  • Methoxy belongs to the flavone family derived from plants & can be found in soybeans or soy-containing foods
  • Potential benefits of using Methoxy may include improved stamina, support for muscle protein synthesis, recovery, lean gains and muscle growth
  • Methoxy Isoflavone supplements can be stacked with protein powders, mass gainers, general testosterone supplements & growth hormone support supplements

What is Methoxy? 

Methoxy (also known as 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone, Methoxyisoflavone & Methoxyflavone) is a naturally derived non-hormonal anabolic compound known as a flavone. It is a powerful anabolic chemical compound that can increase muscle mass, enhance strength, decrease cortisol levels and improve overall recovery from exercise.  

Where Does Methoxy Come From? 

Methoxyisoflavone belongs to a group known as the flavonoids or isoflavones derived from plants. Methoxy is also primarily found in soybean and is believed to help with protein synthesis, reduce body fat and promote endurance. These effects were originally described in a US Patent for the ingredient in the early 1970s. At least one study has been able to show that those taking Methoxy seem to have improved body composition over those who didn’t take Methoxy characterized by increased lean muscle mass. 

How Does Methoxy Work?

Methoxy may assist in stimulating protein synthesis in the muscles. It functions by increasing the delivery of amino acids into the muscle cells which help the growth and repair of the muscles. 

Methoxy Health Benefits

Discovered in the early 1970s, scientists have been conducting studies on the effects on the human body and have concluded that methoxy poses health benefits that consist of reducing inflammation, enhanced fat loss and improving stamina. Methoxy as a supplement also claims to help build strong bones by increasing the retention of calcium and phosphorus to maintain bone density and more importantly minimise the risk of osteoporosis.

Methoxy Benefits for Athletes

Methoxy is a compound that has the potential to gain interest in the supplements industry because of its positive effects on increasing protein synthesis, improving nitrogen retention and keeping your body in an anabolic state with no hormonal interactions. Studies indicate that In a U.S. patent, the developers of this substance claim, based on preliminary animal research, that it possesses muscle-building and bone-building (anabolic) effects without the side effects seen with either androgenic (male) hormones or estrogenic (female) hormones.1 Further studies have followed through suggesting that methoxy works synergistically with other chemically active like ecdysterone and ipriflavone to increase muscle capacity because they have the capacity to transport nutrients like protein, carbs and fat towards lean muscle as opposed to fat deposition. In fact, Methoxy works best when taken together with protein-rich foods or protein supplements because it can prevent the breakdown of muscles. The anabolic effect of Methoxy helps to build muscle whilst retaining lean muscle. 

Methoxy Dosage, Side Effects & Safety

Methoxy is best taken at doses of 800mg/day as was the case in the aforementioned study. On the contrary, you can take it at a split dosage twice throughout the day 200-400mg twice daily. Having said that, Methoxy has a recommended dosage range from 250mg – 1250mg per day in its divided doses. For athletes and bodybuilders, their dosage can increase up to 1000mg, but this depends entirely on the individual’s exercise regime.

Moreover, there are no major side effects in relation to Methoxy as it does not interact with hormone balance or the endocrine system. It is considered safe to consume for long-term use. Bearing in mind, there haven’t been sufficient studies to accurately back up the overall side effects of methoxy; so, it would be best to speak to a healthcare professional before consumption.

Stacking Methoxy Supplements

Methoxyisoflavone is known for functioning well on its own. However, if you want to make the most out of methoxy it would be beneficial to take it together with protein. Although Methoxy works extremely well by itself, methoxy stacks well with mass gainers, general testosterone and growth hormone support supplements. Significantly, methoxy is best stacked with protein powders if you want to achieve maximum muscle gains because methoxy functions to deliver nutrients directly to the muscle cells.

Methoxy Supplements Verdict

To conclude strength and power athletes, bodybuilders, or those interested in improving their physical appearance may benefit from supplementation with 5-methyl-7-methoxy-Isoflavone when combined with a suitable training programme and diet. Methoxy delivers a range of health benefits and is an effective supplement worth trying especially for lifters on bulk looking to maximise lean muscle and minimise body fat, and dieters hold on to hard-earned muscle mass. 

1 Incledon, T., et al., “The Effects of 5-Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone on Body Composition and Performance in College-Aged Men,” Human Performance Specialists, Inc., Plantation, FL, and University of Nebraska-Kearney, Kearney, NE. (Sponsor: Jose Antonio, FACSM).

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