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Horleys SlimShake
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Women's Protein Meal Replacement

  • Nutritionally Complete Protein Shake
  • Includes Vitamin & Minerals Specific to Women
  • Ideal as Meal Replacement on Low Calorie Diet
  • Formulated Specifically for Women
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Horleys SlimShake is a complete meal replacement that is high in protein and ideal for active individuals looking to lose or manage their weight. It is nutritionally complete containing all the essential vitamins, minerals and calcium to ensure you are getting the necessary nutrients especially after a workout or if you are controlling calorie intake.

Product Highlights 

  • High in protein – 40% of protein per 100g
  • Boosts metabolism and keeps you feeling full
  • No added sugars
  • Complete with vitamins & minerals
  • Certified Halal 

Formulated by sports nutrition experts, Horley’s Slim Shake is no ordinary diet shake. This product is high in protein that increases satiety, which is great for managing your appetite. Protein is nature’s own metabolic booster and appetite satisfier. Horley’s Slim Shake works with your eating plan without compromising your energy levels, so it’s ideal for sports and active individuals.

Use the benefits of protein in Horley’s Slim Shake to help you manage your calorie intake for weight loss, or provide a nutritionally balanced solution that fits in your busy schedule. For best results, combine this product with a sound diet that consists of regular meals, an exercise program consisting of both cardio and resistance training sessions. 

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Horleys SlimShake
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  • Hi,How long will this roughly last me ?Cheers

    It'll last you approximately 2 weeks.

Horleys SlimShake
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Summary Of Reviews
Horleys SlimShake is a meal replacement protein powder that is highly praised for its creamy, tasty flavor and its ability to provide a boost of energy and focus. It is also appreciated for its high quality and affordability.
Great taste and creamy texture
Provides energy and focus
High-quality meal replacement
Affordable protein powder
Mixes well with liquids
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Dean P
Horleys SlimShake
400g / 14 Serves Chocolate
Great taste, more focus and energy
Collected via Trustpilot
MrSupplement.com.au Pty Ltd customer
Horleys SlimShake
400g / 14 Serves Vanilla
Very tasty and creamy. I’ll buy more for sure. I’m hooked now
Kim C
Horleys SlimShake
An affordable and high quality meal replacement protein powder. Nice creamy taste and mixes well - would definitely buy again
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