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Ghost High Protein Hot Cocoa Mix
High Protein Hot Cocoa Mix
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Guilt-Free Indulgence, a Satisfying Hot Cocoa

  • 20g Protein to Fuel your Body
  • Heat Stabilized Whey Protein that Effortlessly Mixes
  • Your Winter Cravings Solution
  • Available in a Delicious Choc Peppermint or Traditional Milk Choc
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Introducing Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix, the ultimate guilt-free indulgence for satisfying your sweet tooth and boosting your protein intake. Designed to conquer those before-bed cravings, this exciting new release from Ghost Lifestyle is a delicious blend of rich cocoa flavour and high-quality protein.

With each serving packs a whopping 20g of protein & a mere 130 calories, you can enjoy a warm and comforting treat without any guilt. What sets Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix apart is its innovative use of ProTherma hydrolysed whey protein. This unique heat-stabilized protein source ensures that the mix effortlessly dissolves in hot water without compromising its texture or taste. It's also easily digestible, making it a convenient choice for protein supplementation.

Whether you're looking to increase your daily protein intake, satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your fitness goals, or simply enjoy a cozy treat during the winter months, Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix is the perfect solution. It combines great taste with optimal nutrition, making it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, & anyone seeking a delicious hot cocoa experience.

Healthy Nutrition & Ingredients

Each serving of Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix provides you with 543kJ (130Cal) of energy, along with 2g of total fat (0.5g saturated fat) and 7g of carbohydrates (including 3g of sugars and 2g of dietary fibre). It also contains 10mg of cholesterol, 250mg of sodium, & essential minerals like calcium (149mg), iron (2mg), & potassium (637mg).

The ingredients in Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix include hydrolysed whey protein concentrate, cocoa powder processed with alkali, mini marshmallows & more. These carefully selected ingredients work together to create a decadent & satisfying hot cocoa experience.

Preparing Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix is a Breeze

Simply mix each scoop (serving) in 250ml to 400ml of hot water or milk, adjusting the amount of liquid to your desired taste. It's a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate more protein into your daily routine.

Indulge in the delightful taste of Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix while staying on track with your fitness goals. Experience the perfect blend of flavour & nutrition in every sip, & bid farewell to those before-bed cravings with this guilt-free treat from Ghost Lifestyle.

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Ghost High Protein Hot Cocoa Mix
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  • Can Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix be used as a recipe or in cooking?

    Yes it can. Being a heat sensitive protein base, Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix is ideal to use in cooking or you favourite snack or desert recipe.

  • Can I use Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix as a meal replacement?

    While Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix can contribute to your daily protein intake, it is not intended to be a sole source of nutrition. It is best used as a supplement alongside a balanced diet.

  • Can I mix Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix with cold water?

    Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix is specifically designed to be mixed with hot water or milk for the best taste & texture. Cold water may not provide the same satisfying experience.

  • Is Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix gluten-free?

    There are no gluten ingredients listed on the product label. Ghost High Protein Cocoa still however may contain small amounts of gluten in the formula, derived from flavourings, additives or even cross-contamination during manufacturing.

  • Can children consume Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix?

    Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix is not recommended for children under 15 years of age. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before introducing any dietary supplements to children.

  • Can I use Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix for post-workout recovery?

    Ghost High Protein Cocoa Mix can be a part of your post-workout routine as it provides a good amount of protein.

Ghost High Protein Hot Cocoa Mix
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