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Gen-Tec Intra Amino Stack
Intra Amino stack
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Workout Hard & Recover Faster, Lean Muscle Gainz with Recovery

  • The Ultimate Intra Workout Recovery Stack
  • When You Need More Growth & Recovery Than Ever
  • For Serious Lifters on a Heavy Workout Schedule
  • Easy to Drink Flavours & Exceptional Value for Money
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The ultimate duo: Gen-Tec P2P and Aminolean! This potent powerhouse bundle combines the muscle-building prowess of P2P with the fat-torching firepower of Aminolean, creating an unstoppable synergy for maximum results.

This Bundle Is:

  • The perfect match: P2P fuels your muscles while Aminolean burns fat, creating a synergistic effect for ultimate results.
  • Cost-effective savings: Get both powerhouse supplements at a discounted price and maximize your value.
  • Convenient combo: Simplify your supplement routine with one easy purchase. Say goodbye to juggling multiple bottles!

What's In The Stack

Power 2 Perform (P2P) Intra Workout Formula, Creatine Aminos & Carbs

  • Creatine Monohydrate for Strength & Power
  • Increases Muscle Mass with Training
  • Sustained, Prolonged, Stimulant Free Energy
  • Reduces Muscle Breakdown & Catabolism

Amino Energy for Lean Muscle Growth & Recovery

  • Instanstised Free Form Amino Acids for Lean Muscle
  • Green Tea & Caffeine for Stimulated Energy
  • 1100mg of L-Glutamine + Vitamin C to Support Recovery & Immunity
  • Chromium Picolinate & L-Carnitine for Fat Loss & Appetite Control

When To Take It

Simply just follow the individual supplement dosage protocols that are clearly printed on both product labels. Together they make the perfect one-two combination for the ultimate lean muscle gains coupled with fast recovery. Getting you back in the gym faster than ever to do it all over again.

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Gen-Tec Intra Amino Stack
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Gen-Tec Intra Amino Stack is highly regarded for its great flavors and impressive results. Users have noted positive outcomes from using this product.
: Great flavors
: Delivers impressive results
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Richie M
Gen-Tec Intra Amino Stack
great flavours and great results
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