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GAT Pump Tropic
Pump Tropic
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Nitraflex Pump Formula

  • Experience Mind Blowing Muscle Pumps
  • Amplify Muscle Cell Volume
  • Helps to Maximise Athletic Performance
  • Includes Nootropics for Laser Focus
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Hyperemia for Epic Pumps

PUMPTROPIC™ boasts a potent dose of 1500mg Nitrosigine®, a clinically validated compound that elevates nitric oxide levels, resulting in mind-blowing muscle pumps. Experience shorter recovery times, allowing you to push harder and go further in your workouts.

Cell Swell Matrix for Optimal Performance

Our exclusive Cell Swell Matrix combines HydroPrime™ Glycerol, Betaine Anhydrous, and Orthophosphates to amplify muscle cell volume and overall hydration. This synergistic blend is engineered to maximize athletic performance, giving you the competitive edge you need.

Laser Focus and Mental Clarity

PUMPTROPIC™ doesn't stop at physical enhancement. With the addition of L-Tyrosine, a Cholinesterase Blend, and Lion’s Mane, this formula sharpens your focus and enhances concentration. Stay dialed in, whether you're crushing reps at the gym or need intense mental clarity for tasks like gaming or studying.

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GAT Pump Tropic
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  • Is PUMPTROPIC™ suitable for competitive athletes?

    Yes, PUMPTROPIC™ is formulated with high-quality, clinically validated ingredients, and it does not contain any banned substances. It's an excellent choice for athletes looking to enhance their performance safely and effectively.

  • Can I use PUMPTROPIC™ for activities other than workouts?

    Absolutely! PUMPTROPIC™ is designed to enhance cognitive function, focus, and concentration. It's perfect for tasks like gaming, studying, or any activity that requires intense mental clarity.

  • How long does the effect of PUMPTROPIC™ last?

    The effects of PUMPTROPIC™ can vary from person to person. Generally, you can expect enhanced focus and performance to last throughout your workout or activity. The muscle pump and cognitive benefits are typically felt for several hours.

GAT Pump Tropic
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