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Flex Lewis - Tricep Giant Set

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Training with Flex Lewis - Flex Lewis, BSN ambassador and 212 Mr Olympia shows you his tricep secrets. This tricep giant set is the first in Flex’s tricep routine and hits all three heads of the triceps. You will soon see why this is such a dynamic and crazy set. For the first part of this giant set do 20 reps of wide grip rope pull down using a medium weight. Aim for high volume, not weight, to get blood into the muscle and stretch the muscle facia. Pull the weight down and spread the handles out at the bottom. Maintain constant tension for the whole range of motion. For the second part, without a break, switch to close grip rope pull down. Bring your arms higher than usual to get as much of a stretch as possible. Keep your body tight and no swinging. Next is a close grip pull down with an ezybar. Use a suicide grip, and turn your wrist at the bottom to get an additional squeeze. Still on the ezybar, switch to a wide supinated grip. Start from behind the head and throw your arms forward for a maximum stretch. Finally, back to the rope extension for the last exercise. Face away from the weight stack and get as much of a stretch as possible. After the last rep, complete the set with 5 more explosive reps with a long pause in between. Flex Lewis - 212 Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion.

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