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Evogen Amino K.E.M
Amino K.E.M
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Eline EAA Amino Recover & Hydration Blend

  • Advanced Amino Acid Matrix
  • Electrolyte & Hydration Matrix
  • Maximise Blood Flow
  • Enhance Endurance & Recovery
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Welcome to the cutting-edge world of EvoGen Nutrition, now available at Mr Supplement – Australia's leading retailer of high-quality supplements. We are thrilled to present to you EvoGen's Amino KEM, the ultimate amino acid and hydration formula designed to take your workouts and recovery to unparalleled heights.

Fuel your body with the most advanced ingredients, carefully formulated to optimize muscle repair, enhance endurance, and keep you hydrated throughout your training. Get ready to dominate your fitness journey with EvoGen's Amino KEM, now available at Mr Supplement!

Product Features

Advanced Amino Acid Matrix

EvoGen's Amino KEM packs a powerful punch with a comprehensive blend of essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These critical building blocks are vital for muscle repair, growth, and overall athletic performance, ensuring you stay in peak condition for every workout.

Electrolyte-Hydration Matrix

Hydration is key to unlocking your full potential. Amino KEM features a potent blend of electrolytes that support optimal hydration, helping to maintain fluid balance and prevent muscle cramps, allowing you to push through intense training sessions with ease.

Enhanced Endurance

Crush your fitness goals with EvoGen's Amino KEM. This revolutionary formula is designed to delay muscle fatigue and reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue during exercise, allowing you to train longer and harder, surpassing your previous limits.

Rapid Recovery

Maximize your gains with faster recovery times. Amino KEM's precise combination of amino acids supports muscle tissue repair, reducing soreness and helping you bounce back stronger after each workout, so you're ready to conquer your next challenge.

Delicious Flavors

EvoGen Nutrition believes that great taste is a must. Amino KEM comes in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, making every sip a treat for your taste buds, making hydration enjoyable and enticing.

Sugar-Free & Transparent Labeling

EvoGen takes pride in transparency. Amino KEM contains zero added sugars and is free from hidden proprietary blends. Each ingredient is clearly labeled, so you know exactly what you're putting into your body.

How to Use

Mix one scoop of Amino KEM with water or your favorite beverage, and shake well until fully dissolved. Consume during your workout or throughout the day to stay hydrated and fuel your muscles with essential amino acids.

Maximize Your Results

To maximize the benefits of Amino KEM, incorporate it into your daily fitness routine. Combine it with a balanced diet, proper rest, and a consistent training regimen for optimal performance and results.

Why Choose EvoGen Nutrition at Mr Supplement?

EvoGen Nutrition now available at Mr Supplement! As Australia's premier retailer of high-quality supplements, Mr Supplement is proud to offer you the cutting-edge innovations from EvoGen. Backed by science and developed by industry experts, EvoGen's Amino KEM is just one of the many top-tier supplements available by your perfect training partner to fuel your passion and push you to new heights of greatness.

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Evogen Amino K.E.M
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Evogen Amino K.E.M
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Evogen Amino K.E.M is a highly recommended product with top quality ingredients. Users praise it for assisting with hydration and recovery.
Assists with hydration and recovery
Contains top quality ingredients
Highly recommended by users
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Mat M
Evogen Amino K.E.M
490g / 30 Serves Blueberry Apple
Amazing product. Top quality ingredients that assists with great hydration and recovery. Highly recommended
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