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ASN Nano Glutamine
Nano Glutamine
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High Absorbing L-Glutamine Powder

  • Fast Absorbing & Pure Glutamine 
  • Improve Protein Synthesis
  • Vital for Recovery & Growth
  • Prevent Muscle Tissue Breakdown
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ASN Nano Glutamine - We know the benefits of taking ASN HP-100 and NANO Creatine after training for recovery and muscle growth, but what if we could add to that combination to further enhance their effects? NANO Glutamine may be the answer. A Scientific study on Glutamine has found a 2 gram dose increased Growth Hormone levels by 430%. Growth Hormone is an important anabolic hormone, involved in protein synthesis, uptake of amino acids and utilisation of fat for energy. Adding NANO Glutamine to your post workout recovery could well be the most effective way to boost your muscle growth and recovery to the next level.

The Health Benefits

Glutamine's importance was first demonstrated in the 1930’s by Sir Hans Krebs - one of the pre-eminent biochemists of all time. Dr. Krebs - a master at metabolic cycles, is best known for his discovery of the citric acid cycle ( krebs cycle ) which creatine is involved in. But few are aware that he was the first to recognize glutamine's significance in nitrogen metabolism. Glutamine has now been recognized by doctors and professionals for providing significant contributions in preventing muscle breakdown, maintaining Glutathione (GSH) levels, improving protein synthesis, elevating growth hormone levels, plus many other health beneficial functions. Glutamine supplements have been a critical staple in athletes diets due to the fact that glutamine levels fall after intense training and do not rise to full strength until complete recovery has occurred. It has been a critical supplement for AIDS and cancer patients because it helps prevent muscle wasting.

Problems with Glutamine

One problem with L-Glutamine is that it is highly insoluble. Put it in water and watch how poorly it mixes up. It will mix up like a cloudy liquid. If it does not dissolve, absorption can become difficult. Clinical science and practical experience have also proven that it does not reach the blood in concentration levels needed to fully replenish healthy levels of glutamine. In addition, a little known fact, is that almost all of the research done on free form glutamine supplementation was done in hospitals on subjects receiving the glutamine intravenously. Just because you buy and take something called glutamine, does not mean you are going to benefit from all the metabolic functions that glutamine performs. To address this potential problem, products were developed that contain glutamine peptide in place of L-glutamine; the peptide form allows these supplements to be consumed without glutamine being metabolised in your digestive system. The disadvantage is, Glutamine Peptides are so bitter tasting, it makes it hard to swallow. It is almost impossible to mask the bitter taste. Putting it in capsule form is then a thought. But to get recommended therapeutic doses you would have to consume at least 20capsules at a time. Which is not practical.

Problem Solved

ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition is a company which strives for one thing. Results! Following in the footsteps of NANO Creatine, ASN is proud to be the first company in the world to bring you another scientific breakthrough with the development of - NANO Glutamine. A Glutamine supplement with enhanced absorption for uptake directly into your body.

Use 1/3 less than normal Glutamine

A lot of companies suggest you take at least 10grams of Glutamine per serving. This is because a lot of Glutamine is utilised by your digestive system, so the theory is if we flood the digestive tract with Glutamine some will actually pass through into our body. If it could pass directly into our body without being ‘robbed’ by our digestive system you would not need to take as much. Therefore, because of the enhanced absorption of the NANO-Glutamine, only 3 grams per serving (approx)1 heaped teaspoon is needed providing better utilisation.

The Many Functions of Glutamine

Glutamine is a unique Amino Acid in that it contains two Nitrogen molecules - this feature gives Glutamine all of its unique health benefits and makes it the most versatile nutrient, other than water, in the human body.

Some of the many functions of Glutamine include;

  • Amino Acid Pools
  • Ammonia Scavenger
  • GABA precursor
  • Glutathione Biosynthesis
  • Metabolic Fuel
  • Nitrogen Transport
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Urea Synthesis (Liver)
  • Reduces Blood Sugar
  • Ammonia production (Kidneys)
  • Carbon Transport
  • Growth Hormone Enhancer
  • Glucose/Glycogen Biosynthesis
  • Muscle Cell Volume Enhancer
  • Nucleic Acid Production
  • Proper Digestive Operation
  • Lactic Acidosis Neutraliser
  • Liver & Kidney Health

The Essential Supplement

Having so many important functions in the human body, one would think Glutamine would be a part of everybody’s diet. It has long been used in hospitals for patients suffering from burns, wounds and bacterial infections. It’s importance to athletes has also been known by sports institutes for a while. So what is the problem? Is it lack of education or the cost? It is probably both, but more the cost. At ASN we aim to change all that. Compared to other foods or supplements, Glutamine is an expensive product. In the past to get maximum benefit out of Glutamine, you have to take it in large doses. With most people on a budget the cost becomes out of reach because you only have a small number of servings that last only a couple of weeks. However, with the new NANO Glutamine, Glutamine supplementation is now affordable. That’s because with NANO Glutamine you only use 3 grams per serve which gives you the same benefits as using over 10 grams of standard Glutamine. This equates to over 2 months supply of Glutamine instead of a few weeks.

Cost Effectiveness

Now everybody can afford the benefits that Glutamine provides. The Health Benefits of using NANO Glutamine outweighs the cost compared to any other supplement. With a little education, in future we may well see NANO Glutamine become a part of everybody’s diet, just like Multi-Vitamins & Minerals are a part of everybody’s health today.

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  • Does ASN Nano Glutamine have a taste or flavor?

    ASN Nano Glutamine is typically unflavored, which allows for versatility in mixing it with other beverages or supplements. It doesn't have a distinct taste on its own.

  • Is ASN Nano Glutamine suitable for individuals with certain health conditions?

    Individuals with pre-existing health conditions should consult with a healthcare professional before using ASN Nano Glutamine to ensure its safety and compatibility with their specific condition.

  • How long does it take to see results with ASN Nano Glutamine?

    Results may vary depending on individual factors such as training intensity, diet, and overall health. However, many individuals report noticeable improvements in recovery and overall well-being within a few weeks of consistent use.

  • Can ASN Nano Glutamine be used for non-athletic purposes?

    Yes, ASN Nano Glutamine can be used by individuals who are not necessarily engaged in intense athletic activities. It can still provide benefits in terms of immune support and overall well-being.

  • Can ASN Nano Glutamine be used during cutting phases?

    Yes, ASN Nano Glutamine can be used during cutting phases to help preserve muscle mass and support recovery during periods of caloric restriction. It can also aid in reducing muscle breakdown.

  • Can ASN Nano Glutamine be mixed with other supplements?

    Yes, ASN Nano Glutamine can be mixed with other supplements like protein powders or BCAAs. It can complement other products in your supplement regimen. However, it's always advisable to follow the recommended dosages and guidelines for each product.

  • Are there any potential side effects of using ASN Nano Glutamine?

    ASN Nano Glutamine is generally safe to use when taken as directed. It is a naturally occurring amino acid found in many foods. However, some individuals may experience minor gastrointestinal discomfort. It's important to start with a smaller serving size and gradually increase if tolerated.

  • Can ASN Nano Glutamine be used by both men and women?

    Yes, ASN Nano Glutamine can be used by both men and women who are engaged in intense physical activity and want to support their muscle recovery and immune system.

  • How should I take ASN Nano Glutamine?

    Mix one scoop (5g) of ASN Nano Glutamine with water or your preferred beverage. Consume it before, during, or after workouts, or at a convenient time during the day. Follow the recommended dosage instructions for optimal results.

  • What is ASN Nano Glutamine, and how does it benefit athletes and fitness enthusiasts?

    ASN Nano Glutamine is a micronized form of the amino acid glutamine. It plays a crucial role in muscle recovery and immune system support. It can help reduce muscle breakdown, support immune function, and enhance post-workout recovery.

  • How important is it to take NANO Glutamine? Can I get away with just taking other supplements?

    NANO Glutamine is a very important supplement to take and crucial to recovering at the optimum level, enabling anabolic growth. This relates back to the BCAA's ( Branch Chain Amino Acids), especially the research that has been done on L-leucine. It has been found to work at a genetic level in signalling an anabolic response within muscle. The problem is within muscle, BCAA's are converted to other amino acids, which one of the predominant amino acids they are converted to is glutamine. The reason for this is because Glutamine is one of the first amino acids along with L-alanine to be transported out of muscle to the liver to be converted into glucose and glycogen to try and help restore glycogen levels within the liver because it has sent its stores to the muscle to fuel it during exercise. Supplemental NANO Glutamine will therefore help buffer liver and muscle levels of Glutamine and help prevent BCAA's from being converted. This will enable you to recover quicker and help promote anabolic growth through preserved BCAA levels. Therefore NANO Glutamine is very important and foregoing it for other supplements may in fact restrict your results.

  • Whats the advantage of taking NANO Glutamine over the micronised version?

    NANO Glutamine being of tiny particle size is easily diffused straight into the blood stream upon digestion. This enables it to be transported quickly to the liver and muscles to buffer or restore glutamine to optimum levels. The problem with other non NANO forms of Glutamine is because of the larger particle size, most will be absorbed into the body through the digestive system's small intestine. The problem with this is that the villi and cells that line the intestine are also hungry for glutamine. This would mean there would be a delay in restoring glutamine stores within the liver and muscle, because the intestinal system has pinched it, which will also interupt with your recovery and growth process. One way of getting around this would be to flood your intestinal system with Glutamine to ensure that enough glutamine would enter the blood stream to restore levels within your liver and muscle. That's why the recommended dose for non NANO Glutamine is around 10g at a time. That would mean a 400g tub would only contain 40 servings. With NANO Glutamine you only need 3g a serve for the same effect to restore liver and muscle levels and you get a whopping 132 servings out of a 400g tub.

  • Do I take NANO Glutamine before or after training?

    Both! Lastest research found an 8g dose of non NANO glutamine directly after exercise promoted the same glycogen storage effect as consuming 61g of glucose! What this means is that enhancing glycogen accumulation within muscle not only means an athlete can workout harder and recover quicker, it also serves as a potent anabolic (growth) signal within muscle cells. Remember, preserving protein, especially the BCAA's within muscle is the key to anabolic growth. Any drop in glycogen levels within your muscle and liver will cause the BCAA's to be converted into Alanine and Glutamine which is then transported out of muscle to the liver to be converted into glucose and glycogen to send back to the muscle. This is the other reason why you take Glutamine before training. This will act as a buffer for the glutamine produced in muscle which would be normally be transported out of muscle to the liver. This will preserve muscle glutamine stores and therefore also preserve BCAA stores to enhance muscle function, recovery and anabolic growth.

  • What is the difference between L- Glutamine and Nano Glutamine? Are they essentially the same thing except for the absorption rate into the body?

    Yes your comments are correct. Thankyou.

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ASN Nano Glutamine
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ASN Nano Glutamine is highly regarded by users for its effectiveness in muscle recovery and boosting the immune system. It is praised for its nano particle size which allows for faster and more efficient absorption. It is tasteless, odorless, and easy to mix with protein shakes or water, making it a convenient addition to any workout regimen.
Promotes muscle recovery and immune health
Nano particle size for efficient absorption
Tasteless and odorless
Easy to mix with drinks
Bright white color
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Bonnie M
ASN Nano Glutamine
400g / 133 Serves Natural
Mixes well and i like that it does what two products had to do before. Much more finical sense to me.
Kayla W
ASN Nano Glutamine
400g / 133 Serves Natural
Really like this brands Glutamine. Favourite on the market
Rod G
ASN Nano Glutamine
Like me you’ve probably experienced the sandy texture of l-glutamines that fail to mix in water before you take it. Fortunately I ordered ASN’s Nano Glutamine with my last order from MrSupplement and I’ll never look back! This product dissolved rapidly in water, indicative of its super fine particle size and evidence of its ability to be rapidly absorbed. Since taking it, I’ve noticed that my recovery has hastened, and my results from weight training have never been better. If you want to get the most out of your workout, I recommend that you also give this product a try with your next order from MrSupplement.
Joel N
ASN Nano Glutamine
Glutamine is an essential supplement for anybody training hard whether it be weights or cardio. The main benefits of Glutamine are the facts its one of the best products on the market for muscle recovery taken daily and most importantly post workout. It’s also very good for an athletes immune system so that it will stop you getting run down and sick. ASN's Nano Glutamine is top of the line in every way. To start with in being nano particle size it is absorbed faster and more effectively than any standard micronized glutamine. Also the powder is a bright white colour with no apparent odor, it’s tasteless and easy to add to any protein shake. I would highly recommend ASN Nano Glutamine for anybody that’s after awesome muscle recovery, or a supplement to boost the immune system. I can personally vouch that ASN Nano Glutamine delivers great results!
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