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Quick Summary Points

  • Velositol® is a patented ingredient that boosts muscle protein synthesis, designed to enhance the effectiveness of protein supplements and improve training performance.
  • Developed by Nutrition21, Velositol® is an innovative amylopectin chromium complex, aiding in faster muscle growth and recovery by increasing protein capacity.
  • The ingredient combines chromium, a trace mineral that supports insulin function, with carbohydrate amylopectin, enhancing muscle cell response to insulin for better recovery and growth.
  • A single dose of Velositol® can double the impact of protein on muscle protein synthesis compared to protein alone, offering significant benefits from each workout.
  • Clinical research has shown that adding a 2-gram dose of Velositol® to whey protein significantly increases muscle protein synthesis, highlighting its effectiveness.
  • Velositol® supports greater amino acid uptake in muscles, speeding up muscle tissue repair and recovery, making it a unique addition to the supplement industry.
  • Considered safe for consumption, Velositol® does not have reported adverse effects and can be taken in a single dose daily with protein for optimal benefits.
  • Velositol® is increasingly being included in a variety of sports nutrition supplements and can be combined with other products like amino acids and creatine for enhanced results.

We all know that ingredients play a crucial role in many products including supplements. For some products, the ingredients can become a game-changing ingredient that works to help improve training performance and it may be able to break through any plateaus.

The next breakthrough ingredient includes a revolutionary ingredient known as Velositol. This ingredient is said to help boost muscle protein synthesis. So, without further ado, let’s look closer at this ingredient and see what it has to offer.

What is Velositol®?

Velositol® is a revolutionary patented ingredient developed by the company, Nutrition21. Velositol® is an amylopectin chromium complex that is designed to increase protein capacity. It is a unique ingredient that is made up of a combination of chromium and carbohydrate amylopectin.

Chromium is a trace mineral that helps to support the function of insulin and amylopectin is a source of sugar. When combined with protein, Velositol® can help enhance muscle growth and fasten muscle recovery time.

The addition of Velositol® doubles the power of your protein on muscle protein synthesis over protein alone in a single dose, so you get the most out of each workout and the most bang for your buck.

How Does Velositol® Work?

As mentioned above, Velositol® uses two specific ingredients – chromium and amylopectin. Velositol works by increasing the hormone (insulin) enabling our muscle cells to be more responsive to insulin. As a result, Velositol® activates the insulin response and cellular protein that can assist you in improving muscle damage and speeding up recovery.

Velositol® Ingredients & Dosage

The standard recommended dosage of Velositol® is exactly 2 grams. Velositol® is clinically proven to work in a single dose.

Research has indicated that adding a 2-gram dose of Velositol® to a 6-gram dose of whey protein leads to a 48% increase in muscle protein synthesis from baseline, compared to a 24% increase seen with 6 grams of whey protein alone, according to findings of a study with 10 healthy men and women aged between 22 and 34.1

This has been determined in protein powders, protein drinks, energy bars as well as protein bars. Timing is essential and consuming protein before or after a workout has been shown to markedly improve the rate at which muscle synthesis occurs.3

Velositol® Benefits

Velositol® offers a wide range of advantages. It can enhance generic protein supplements thanks to several unique qualities including its mechanism of action.

Velositol® is said to boost muscle capacity and is difficult to replicate which makes it a unique ingredient in the supplement industry. It helps to support greater amino acid uptake in the muscle which in turn increases muscle intake. More importantly, because of its boost in muscle protein synthesis, Velositol® can help improve the body’s ability to repair damaged muscle tissue and in turn fasten recovery.

On top of this, Velositol® has also been shown to work with other proteins and amino acids which makes it a versatile ingredient. Moreover, one of the unique characteristics of this ingredient is that Velositol works effectively just in a single dose. This means that you don’t have to take this ingredient for weeks to experience the benefits. 

Velositol® Side Effects & Is it Safe? 

As mentioned previously, Velositol’s recommended dosage is 2g per day with protein and Velositol is generally deemed safe and does not have any reported adverse effects at the time of writing.

Velositol® Supplements

Velositol® is increasingly embraced by sports nutrition, enriching a variety of products like protein supplements and bars. Its capability to amplify protein effectiveness makes it a sought-after ingredient for those aiming to enhance muscle synthesis.

Compatible with supplements such as BCAAs and creatine, Velositol®'s presence is growing, notably in products like Muscle Nation Protein. This trend highlights its rising popularity and potential in the fitness and health markets.

Velositol® Verdict and Conclusion

In summary, Velositol® has demonstrated considerable promise within the sports nutrition sector, backed by various randomized studies. Its efficacy in boosting muscle protein synthesis from just a single dose positions it as a valuable component in protein powder supplements and beyond.

Although research specifically targeting Velositol®'s impact on lean muscle mass remains forthcoming, the existing evidence suggests that when combined with heightened protein intake and regular exercise, Velositol® can significantly enhance and expedite muscle protein synthesis.

This insight not only underscores its current utility but also points to a burgeoning potential for Velositol® to revolutionize approaches to muscle building and recovery in the athletic community.

1Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition 2017, 14:6 doi: 10.1186/s12970-017-0163-1 “Effects of an amylopectin and chromium complex on the anabolic response to a suboptimal dose of whey protein” T.N. Ziegenfuss et al.

2Velositol Preclinical Study. The effect of whey, pea and BCAA proteins alone and combined with an amylopectin/chromium complex and exercise on muscle protein synthesis and translation initiation in the skeletal muscle of male rats. 2017. (N21 Data on file).

3Ziegenfuss TN, Lopez HL, Kedia A, Habowski SM, Sandrock JE, Raub B, Kerksick CM, Ferrando AA. Effects of an amylopectin and chromium complex on the anabolic response to a suboptimal dose of whey protein. JISSN. 2017;14:6.

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