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Rule 1 Glutamine
R1 Glutamine
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Pure Micronized Glutamine, Supports Post Workout Soreness

  • 5g Micronized L-Glutamine 
  • Aids Muscle Repair
  • Boosts Immunity & Fights Infection
  • Supports Cell Hydration & Volumisation
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Rule 1 R1 Glutamine is specifically designed to help support your post-workout soreness. During an intense workout the body is stressed and your muscles and tendons require more glutamine than the amount supplied by a normal diet. For weight trainers and athletes, R1 Glutamine can help prevent your muscle breakdown and improve exercise recovery.

Product Highlights 

  • 5g Micronized Glutamine 
  • Support Muscle Recovery
  • Aid in Muscle Repair
  • Helps to Maintain Cell Volume & Hydration
  • Boosts Immune System & Improve the ability to Fight Infection & Diseases
  • For optimal results, R1 Glutamine is a supplement that can be added to your Pre-/intra or Post-workout stack

Prolonged bouts of intense exercise don’t just drain your energy; they also deplete your body’s nutritional reserves and overcome its ability to recover. Case in point: glutamine. Overtraining can cause glutamine levels to drop, impairing performance. R1 Glutamine helps keep levels elevated, without high prices. 5 grams of micronized glutamine for less than 25 cents a serving. One big stressor alleviated. *

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Rule 1 Glutamine
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Rule 1 Glutamine
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