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Elemental Japanese Glutamine
Japanese Glutamine

 Pure Japanese Ajinomoto® L-Glutamine Powder

  • 100% Micronised Fermented Pharmaceutical Grade L-Glutamine
  • Facilitates Workout Recovery, Supports Muscle Hypertrophy
  • Prevents Catabolism During & Post Intensive Exercise
  • Supports Human Growth Hormone Levels & Immunity
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Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine is 100% Ajinomoto® micronised & fermented pharmaceutical-grade l-glutamine. Free of fillers, binders, artificial colours & artificial flavours. Just 100% pure Japanese l-glutamine. Put simply it is the purest, finest, highest quality l-glutamine powder on the planet.

About Ajinomoto®

Used in Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine, Ajinomoto® glutamine is unparalleled in quality as it is produced by the world leader in amino acid research and manufacturing. Ajinomoto® produces the purest and most bio-available amino acids in the world due to their unique patented manufacturing process and 100% non-animal ingredient origin. Ajinomoto® Japanese l-glutamine is pharmaceutical grade made from sugar beets, fermented with probiotic cultures, and free from artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, gums & fillers. It is also non-GMO, gluten-free & suitable for vegan dieters. So trusted is the Ajinomoto® quality, their amino acids have been administered by hospitals for the purpose of scientific peer-reviewed studies with successful results.

Key Benefits

  • Facilitates workout recovery and supports muscle hypertrophy
  • Prevents catabolism during and post-intensive exercise
  • Supports human growth hormone (hGH) levels
  • Enhances immune function
  • 100% micronized fermented pharmaceutical-grade L-Glutamine
  • Made by Ajinomoto®, a world leader in amino acid research & manufacturing

More About L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine, whilst not an essential amino acid, is considered by strength trainers & bodybuilders an absolute must-have ingredient in their supplement arsenal for recovery. Exercise causes depletion of the body's l-glutamine reserves & a single bout of non-intensive exercise may cause a 45% reduction in plasma l-glutamine. Endurance exercise though such as weight training causes severe depletion of the body's l-glutamine reserves with a single bout of weight training causing up to a 50% reduction in plasma l-glutamine, for up to six days.

L-Glutamine has been shown in studies to stimulate the synthesis of endogenous proteins within the muscles, thereby facilitating muscle growth (i.e. making l-glutamine an anabolic amino acid). L-Glutamine has also been shown to prevent the breakdown of proteins within the muscles (meaning it can prevent catabolism) during intensive exercise. Further l-glutamine supplementation of at least 2g per day has been shown in some studies to increase plasma human growth hormone (hGH) levels by up to 400%, this is important as hGH is a major strength & muscle growth hormone.

The Elemental Guarantee

Whilst Elemental Nutrition products are manufactured at stringent quality-controlled facilities and are the best of their kind. Elemental also understand that it's not possible to please all people all the time. Thus should you be unsatisfied with any Elemental Nutrition product you can return it to your place of purchase within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. Proudly Australian Owned - Elemental Nutrition; Engineered Better

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Elemental Japanese Glutamine
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  • Is Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine a high-quality supplement?

    Yes it is. Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine is powered by Ajinomoto®, a world leader in amino acid research & manufacturing, known for producing the purest and most bio-available amino acids. It undergoes a unique patented manufacturing process and is 100% micronized & fermented pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine.

  • What sets Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine apart from other L-Glutamine supplements?

    Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine stands out due to its unrivaled quality. It is made from 100% Ajinomoto® Japanese L-Glutamine, ensuring the highest standards of purity & effectiveness. It is free from fillers, binders, artificial colors, & flavors, making it the purest and finest L-Glutamine powder available.

  • How does the fermentation process contribute to the quality of Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine?

    Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine undergoes a fermentation process using probiotic cultures. This natural & carefully controlled fermentation enhances the bioavailability & purity of the L-Glutamine, resulting in a superior product with optimal effectiveness.

  • Is Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine suitable for those with dietary restrictions?

    Yes! Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine is non-GMO, gluten-free, & suitable for vegan dieters. It is produced from sugar beets & does not contain any artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, gums, or fillers, ensuring a clean & high-quality supplement.

  • Has the effectiveness of Ajinomoto® amino acids been scientifically proven?

    Yes, Ajinomoto® amino acids have been extensively studied & administered by hospitals for scientific peer-reviewed studies. Their high-quality amino acids have yielded successful results, demonstrating their effectiveness & reliability.

  • How does Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine support muscle growth & recovery?

    Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine stimulates the synthesis of endogenous proteins within the muscles, facilitating muscle growth. It also helps prevent the breakdown of proteins during intensive exercise, thereby supporting muscle recovery & preventing catabolism.

  • Can Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine enhance exercise performance?

    While Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine primarily supports muscle recovery & growth, by facilitating efficient recovery, it indirectly contributes to improved exercise performance by reducing muscle damage & optimizing overall muscle function.

  • How should I incorporate Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine into my routine for optimal results?

    It is recommended to take 3g of Elemental Nutrition Japanese Glutamine daily in juice or water on training days, preferably immediately after training. This timing ensures efficient delivery of L-Glutamine to support muscle recovery & repair.

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Elemental Japanese Glutamine
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Summary Of Reviews
Elemental Japanese Glutamine is a highly regarded product that aids in recovery from strength training and helps with internal health issues like leaky gut. The product is a fine white powder that mixes easily, has almost no taste, and is noted for its purity.
Aids in recovery from strength training
Helps with internal health issues
Easily mixable fine white powder
Almost tasteless
Noted for its purity
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Rob M
Elemental Japanese Glutamine
1kg / 333 Serves Natural
First time using this product and has not disappointed.
Collected via Trustpilot
Bradley D
Elemental Japanese Glutamine
500g / 166 Serves Natural
Awesome product
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental Japanese Glutamine
1kg / 333 Serves Natural
Wanted a fermented glutamine due to its researched benefits, this was one of the only available in Australia. Fine white powder that mixes easily. I take 5g daily which boosts my recovery from a heavy strength training phase. Very good.
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental Japanese Glutamine
1kg / 333 Serves Natural
My doctor told me to grab this product and told me to use 10g 3 times a day to help with my leaky gut.

Long story short, this is my 3rd KG this year and i have never felt better internally, honestly has made a huge impact of my life. Almost no taste and so pure!

Brendon L
Elemental Japanese Glutamine
L glutamine
mixs well seems to be a good product
Chris M
Elemental Japanese Glutamine
I've noticed that my recovery is better when taking this product (very minor DOMS/stiffness to what I've experienced in the past).

Mixes clear into water after about 15 seconds. I mainly mix it into my flavoured protein (Elemental Shredding Matrix) so no idea if it has any taste (nasty or otherwise) to it.
Tony D
Elemental Japanese Glutamine
Great quality product, notice effects/changes in recovery time and mixes well, thanks for the great product!
Dylan C
Elemental Japanese Glutamine
Great product and great price!
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