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Dumbbell Shrug
Dumbbell Shrug Technique - this exercise can also be done with a barbell and with various machines such as the Smith machine, etc. The dumbbell shrug can be done anywhere in any gym and is the perfect exercise for targetting the trapezius muscles - especially the upper trapezius. You'll see that when we train back we hit the mid & lower traps, but this exercise focuses on the upper traps which really gives your physique that thick, dense look. Make sure you have perfect posture, chest and chin up slightly. Dumbbells should be at the side of the body and remember to squeeze the dumbbells to the top. Lower the dumbbells slowly & squeeze to the top whilst activating the core thoughout. Don'ts: Do not lean back too much or use momentum to complete the exercise. Also avoid not stabilising at the core & not getting a full contraction. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Brad Ryan - Bodybuilder
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