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Dragon's Breath Black Review

Quick Summary

  • Dragon's Breath Black is the stronger more intense version of Dragon's Breath pre-workout.
  • 1 full scoop contains 350mg of caffeine, 200mg of English walnut extract...with a bunch of other great ingredients to help you get the most out of your workout
  • Dragon’s Breath Black is considered a “high stim” pre-workout
  • Ingredients are broken down into 3 categories- Energy, pump, endurance and nootropics
  • Inexperienced pre-workout users should start by taking ½ scoop and gradually increasing
  • Available in 4 different flavours- Blue clouds, grape lemonade, green cordial and cola lemonade

Red Dragon Nutritionals is an Australian company with a growing amount of retailers across the globe. They sell a range of products from pre-workouts, proteins, fat burners and more. I highly suggest you give Red Dragon Dragon’s Breath Black a shot if you are looking for a high-stream pre-workout that won't break the bank.


This pre-workout contains 350mg of caffeine, 200mg of English walnut extract and 60mg of bitter orange for fast-acting, hard-hitting energy. As you can see this is a high-stim pre-workout that will ensure that you will feel more energetic and ready to go. This pre-workout comes in tubs of 30 servings with each serving being 8.7g.

Dragon’s Breath Black Ingredients

The ingredients are broken down into 3 categories which are:

Energy Production: Caffeine Anhydrous, English walnut extract, hordenine and bitter orange.

Pump: Betaine Anhydrous and Nitrosigine which consists of Arginine, Inositol and Potassium.

Nootropic: Derived mainly from L-Tyrosine and vitamin B3 Also, an honourable mention is Glycine which has been shown to enhance power production and reduce the amount of lactate build-up.

Dragon’s Breath Black Flavours

Red Dragon Black comes in 4 different flavours:

• Blue Clouds
• Grape Lemonade
• Green Cordial
• Cola Lemonade

My favourite flavour so far has been the Grape lemonade as I love most grape-tasting supplements and the lemonade factor helped enhance the flavour.

Dragon’s Breath Black Caffeine & Stimulants

Unlike a majority of pre-workouts Dragon’s Breath Black does not contain any Beta-Alanine. This is perfect for those who do not enjoy the feeling of their skin tingling after taking some pre-workouts. This pre-workout does contain a whopping 350mg of caffeine anhydrous, 200mg of English walnut extract and 60mg of bitter orange. When caffeine and bitter orange is combined it enhances the effects of the caffeine. This means you will feel the caffeine kick in faster and harder than before.

Dragon’s Breath Black Benefits & Results

As this pre-workout is rich with pump ingredients I found the best time to take a serving was 20 minutes before a training session this allowed the ingredients to absorb and start to take effect. By the time I got to the gym the caffeine and English walnut extract had already kicked in and I felt ready for a big training session. The pumps I have encountered while using this pre-workout are amazing.

Dragon’s Breath Black Side Effects

As this pre-workout does contain a high number of stimulants some users may feel nauseous and jittery. I recommend starting with ½ scoop to gauge the impact of this pre-workout then gradually increase as tolerance increases. Some users may feel a “crash” when this pre-workout starts to wear off. This can cause users to feel nauseous and sluggish.

Dragon’s Breath Black Safety

This pre-workout is a high stim pre-workout therefore I suggest starting with ½ scoop. Always be responsible and follow the manufacturer’s label instructions when taking this product. Do not exceed 1 serving a day.


Dragon’s Breath Black knows how to pack a punch with its high-dose stimulant ingredients. As mentioned before the pumps I had after taking this pre-workout were amazing and I felt more focused in and even after the training session had ended. This pre-workout was a nice change as it contains no beta alanine – meaning my skin was not tingling the whole workout. I recommend this product to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their training sessions.

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