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Vantage Dip Belt and Chain
Dip Belt and Chain
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Dip Belt with Chain

  • Constructed from Light-Weight Neoprene
  • 210mm Wide Back Support for Added Comfort
  • 780mm Long with Fully Adjustable Heavy Duty Chains
  • Fits to Any Waist
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Vantage Strength Dip Belts are constructed from a strong, lightweight neoprene that provides great comfort for heavy lifting. Complete with chain and snap hook to attach weight plates safely, allowing you to dip beyond your bodyweight.

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Vantage Dip Belt and Chain
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  • How do I clean and maintain the Vantage Dip Belt?

    To clean the Vantage Dip Belt, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth & mild detergent if needed. Avoid soaking or machine washing the belt. Proper maintenance, such as keeping it away from sharp objects & storing it in a dry place, will help extend its lifespan.

  • Does the Vantage Dip Belt come with weight plates included?

    No, the Vantage Dip Belt is sold separately from the weight plates. You can use standard weight plates that fit the snap hook provided with the belt.

  • How do I attach weight plates to the Vantage Dip Belt securely?

    The Vantage Dip Belt comes equipped with a chain &snap hook. To attach weight plates safely, simply use the snap hook to secure the weight plates to the chain. The snap hook ensures a secure connection, enabling you to dip beyond your bodyweight safely.

  • What are the primary exercises that can be performed using the Vantage Dip Belt and Chain?

    The Vantage Dip Belt is primarily used for performing dips, a highly effective bodyweight exercise targeting the chest, triceps, & shoulders. Additionally, it allows you to enhance the intensity of exercises like pull-ups & chin-ups by adding extra weight.

  • Can anyone use the Vantage Dip Belt regardless of their waist size?

    Yes, absolutely! The Vantage Dip Belt is designed to fit any waist size. The adjustable nature of the belt & the chain ensures a comfortable fit for all users.

  • How long is the chain, and is it adjustable?

    The Vantage Dip Belt comes with a fully adjustable heavy-duty chain that measures 780mm in length. This adjustable feature allows you to customize the length of the chain according to your height and preferences.

Vantage Dip Belt and Chain
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