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Two Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extension
The Two Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extension is a great exercise which will work the triceps. Using a shoulder press bench will limit the range of motion so you might consider using a flat bench with a training partner's knee acting as your back support. To initate the movement, lower the weight for 2-3 seconds slowly & in a controlled manner before driving & squeezing the triceps to bring the weight back up. The elbows can come out to the side slightly in this exercise & the chin should be up. The two arm overhead dumbbell extension is a great finishing movement for the triceps. Don'ts - Avoid having your head too far forward. This bad posture will place strain on your joints. Going too heavy & using partial reps will also be less effective than going through the full range of motion. Having your elbows splayed too far out to the back will also make the exercise easier. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joe Grima - IFBB Bodybuilding Champion
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