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Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
Ultimate Male Fuel
Powered By: GenTec

Ultimate Testosterone Enhancement Formula

  • 5000mg Tribulus per Capsule
  • Improve Muscle Definition & Physique
  • Maximize Athletic Performance 
  • Enhance Libido & Sexual Function 
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Gen-Tec Nutrition Ultimate Male Fuel Capsules has been formulated and developed for males. Ultimate Male Fuel contains high quality herbs including Epimedium & Tribulus Terrestris which now contains 80% saponins equivalent to 10% protodioscins. . One of the best sources of natural testosterone boosters on the market Gen-Tec Ulimate Male Fuel can improve muscle definition, athletic performance and enhance libido.

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Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
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  • Am I able to stack Male Fuel with pre workout and protein powders?

    Yes, this is completely safe and stacking it will not impact its effectiveness.

  • Will Ultimate Male Fuel boost testosterone?

    Gen-Tec's Male Fuel is mainly used for vitality, however, for individuals who have a deficit in vitamins such as zinc and magnesium, or for older individuals, taking this might help support testosterone levels.

  • When is Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel best taken?

    The most optimal time to take Gen-Tec's Male Fuel is in the morning upon rising with an empty stomach.

  • What is Gen-Tec's Ultimate Male Fuel used for?

    Gen-Tec's Male Fuel is used to support men's vitality, as well as support libido and contains vitamins such as zinc, magnesium and B6.

  • I am taking Ripped Freak fat burner can I also take Gen Tec Ultimate

    Yes, you can take them together.

  • can i use this as part of a balanced diet, daily protein shakes and musclepharm assualt prework out daily?

    Absolutely. Depending on your goals, Ultimate Male Fuel will be a perfect addition to your supplement stack.

  • Should i take Gen-Tec on an empty stomach or with food or before food?

    Best on an empty stomach.

Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
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Summary Of Reviews
Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel is a highly praised supplement for gym-goers, known for its ability to boost stamina, energy, and muscle gains. Despite its unpleasant taste, users have reported noticeable changes in their performance and physique. However, some users suggest mixing it with other pre-workout drinks to improve the flavor.
Boosts stamina and energy levels
Enhances muscle gains
Contains natural ingredients
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Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
120 Capsules
Gave me extra stamina to complete my training
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David C
Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
Orlando S
Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
One of the best supplements i've had. Gen-tec's Ultimate Male Fuel tastes pretty nasty, but it gets me super pumped up for the gym. I can lift more and my gains have been through the roof. I like to mix it with some of my pre-workout to get rid of the nasty taste, but I can't imagine a workout without it these days. Thanks for the freebies as well Mr Supp
Mitchell P
Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
Great product!! love the way it makes me feel and always see noticable changes on it
Mark N
Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
I have tried ultimate male fuel good stuff but im going to try and stack this with thermogenic fuel aswell as nitric aak fuel and my muscle milk protien, and the Gen-tec ingredients from what I can see are natural so its an added bonus compared to buying those american supplements where they put the scientific name for each ingredient to sound like its a wonder supplement but in reality its the same as the gen-tec products at least most this stuff is tested.
Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
GenTec Ultimate Male Fuel is quite powerful, packed with tribulus, it will turn you into a wild man at the gym. I noticed a dramatic difference in strength and gains while using this, as well as more energy and sex drive. The only down side was the taste, so if you going to use it be ready for the flavor, the other thing to be careful of is staining so don't spill it. Thanks Mr. Supplement for stocking an awesome product!
Cahil D
Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel
This product looks disgusting, and doesn’t taste much better, but I’ll be buying it again cos it works! Ok, so like me, just close your eyes and ignore the taste as it’s loaded with tribulus, the grand daddy of testosterone boosting ingredients. Since taking it, my strength has gone thru the roof, and the muscle gains are coming along nicely, thank-you for asking. Thanks MrSupplement fro another product that works.
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