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Weight Loss Pills

Quick Weight Loss Pills Summary Points

  • Weight loss pills are among the most diverse supplement categories largely because of the high consumer interest in weight loss
  • There is a wide range of ingredients used in weight loss pills, however, some common examples include, caffeine, green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, capsaicin and carnitine
  • Weight loss pills are designed to work via a number of mechanisms, involving either carbohydrate or fat metabolism
  • Weight loss pills that carry an Aust L number are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and consequently are tightly regulated

Think of 3 health goals you want to accomplish in the next year. I could bet 95% of you would have mentioned ‘weight loss’ or ‘fat loss’ or to ‘tone up’ as one of those goals. Of course, diet and exercise are always the first port of call when you want to make any positive health and fitness changes such as weight and fat loss, but sometimes you just need that little bit extra to get you over the line to achieve your goals. That is where weight loss supplements such as weight loss pills come in. In conjunction with appropriate diet and exercise changes, these weight loss pills can often help you reach your goals faster, break any plateaus that you might have with your weight loss journey and help achieve more weight and fat loss than with diet and exercise alone.

Weight Loss Pills - What Do They Do?

There are dozens of brands of weight loss pills out there and while they all promote the same final goal, they can often help you achieve this through a variety of mechanisms. The most common ways are:

  • Increased Thermogenesis – Increased production of heat which contributes to increased metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate means more energy expended.
  • Altered Carbohydrate Metabolism – Certain ingredients contained in weight loss pills can help to slow or dramatically decrease the amount of carbohydrate being absorbed and stored in the body.
  • Altered Fat Metabolism – Certain ingredients can also help to decrease the amount of fat being absorbed or stored or increase the amount of stored fat being burned or used as energy.
  • Improved Stress Tolerance – Stress can often be a deterrent to sticking with diet and exercise goals.
  • Enhanced Mood & Energy – Improved mood and energy levels are another way to help you follow through on your diet and exercise goals.
  • Increased Diuresis – Increasing the amount of urination can often help to get rid of any excess and bloating water weight.

Weight Loss Pills - Common Ingredients

There are literally hundreds of ingredients which you can often appear in weight loss pills. Generally your average weight loss pill will contain 6-10 ingredients, which often work synergistically (better with each other) to help you achieve the weight/fat loss. It’s important though to not settle into the mindset of ‘more is better’. Weight loss products containing a massive list of ingredients will often have lower amounts of each individual ingredient and often be in amounts which might not be effective in the long term. It is better to pick a supplement with a smaller list of ingredients but at therapeutic and effective doses than to pick one with 20 ingredients in flea sized amounts. Some of the most common and more effective ingredients to look out for include:

Weight Loss Pills - Where to Get Them

Weight loss pills and supplements are available in specialty health, bodybuilding and sporting nutrition supplement stores as well as in chemists. A common misconception though is that the supplements sold at the chemist are stronger and more effective. However, this is actually the opposite. No one is more focused on their physique and body composition as that of professional athletes and bodybuilders; after all, their livelihood depends on it. This is the exact reason why supplement and nutraceutical companies will target their most potent and efficacious supplements towards this industry. As such, weight loss supplements sold at bodybuilding and sporting supplement stores will often contain formulations backed by the latest science and which result in more substantial losses in body fat and greater improvements in body composition.

Weight Loss Supplements - Pills vs. Powders

Most weight loss supplements come in pills, however they can often come in powdered formulations. In general, powdered formulations are seen as less potent as the ingredients suffer less bioavailability, often being impeded by the digestive system. As such, smaller and less effective amounts of ingredients will reach your body. The benefits of weight loss pills and capsules is that the technology behind the delivery system means that more of the important fat and weight loss ingredients will reach their desired targets and help begin the processes mentioned previously, rather than being passed out or destroyed by the digestive system.

Weight Loss Pills - Safety

Weight loss pills and powders in Australia are governed by strict safety standards and are regularly examined in reference to new reports and studies to comply with those standards. As such, the weight loss supplements sold in Australia are among the safest in the world. Weight loss powders are commonly presented and sold as Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods in Australia, while weight loss pills generally contain a more stringent Aust L number, which show that the supplements are accepted by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for supply in Australia and are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Best Weight Loss Pills

Many people ask about the best available weight loss pills and supplements which gives the best results. However, each weight loss supplement has its own benefits and as they often help with weight loss in a variety of mechanisms, picking one supplement which is the best is much too hard. However, thermogenic fat loss supplements have become extremely popular due to the fact that they contain a variety of ingredients which target weight and fat loss in a variety of ways, all in the one handy pill/capsule. For example, most common thermogenic fat loss supplements contain ingredients which can help to increase your metabolism and fat metabolism, increase stress tolerance, enhance mood and energy as well as helping to suppress appetite. As such, thermogenic fat loss supplements or ‘fat burners’ are considered by those in the industry as the best supplements available.

Stacking Weight Loss Pills

If you’re looking for a well rounded weight and fat loss product and want to enhance the effects of your thermogenic fat loss pill, you can stack these ‘fat burners’ with a variety of other individual ingredient weight loss supplements including:

Weight Loss Supplements - Support Your Efforts

Weight and fat loss is a multifactorial issue and as such requires a dedicated, long term and multifaceted approach. That is, there are many ways in which to approach the issue and to achieve results. Diet, exercise and mentality changes are always considered the number one approach to achieving long-term changes. However, many people require that extra push in order to start seeing results or to break plateaus, which can often be the biggest hurdle between short term successes and long term change. Weight loss supplements, while not being a miracle cure can help support your weight loss efforts in a safe and effective manner and can be a great addition to a proper diet and exercise regimen.

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