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Vital Strength Premium 100% Whey
Premium 100% Whey
Powered By: Vital Strength

Bioactive Blend of Whey & Casein

  • All-In-One Protein for Recovery & Growth
  • Includes 21 Vitamins & Minerals
  • High in Glycomacropeptides & Whey Microfractions
  • Added Glutamine & Creatine
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Vital Strength Total Plus is a premium protein plus nutrients including L-Glutamine, vitamins and minerals to reduce aches and facilitate muscle repair, maintenance and growth. Easily boost your daily protein intake with this delicious tri-phase release, low carb, high protein powder with scientifically selected nutrients that support your active lifestyle.


Ideal for Active people who require a sustained release full spectrum protein to build and maintain muscle whilst assisting with post exercise recovery and repair, vital Strength Total Protein Plus combines WPI, L-Glutamine, Chromium Picolinate plus 21 Vitamins and Minerals to create a super all-in-one protein. This formula is high in Glycomacropeptites and Whey Microfractions giving you all the benefits of quality proteins plus the premium nutrients used by professional athletes.

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Vital Strength Premium 100% Whey
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  • How does Vital Strength Total Plus support post-exercise recovery?

    Vital Strength Total Plus contains essential amino acids, such as Glutamine, which play a crucial role in reducing muscle soreness & aiding in muscle repair after intense workouts. The combination of nutrients in the formula supports faster recovery times, allowing you to get back to your fitness routine with reduced downtime.

  • What makes Glycomacropeptides and Whey Microfractions beneficial in Vital Strength Total Plus?

    Glycomacropeptides & Whey Microfractions are protein components found in high-quality whey protein. They offer several health benefits, such as immune system support, digestive health, & antioxidant properties, in addition to providing essential amino acids for muscle repair & growth.

  • How does the tri-phase release feature of Vital Strength Total Plus work?

    The tri-phase release of Vital Strength Total Plus refers to its ability to provide a sustained release of protein over time. This means that the body receives a steady supply of amino acids for an extended period, supporting muscle recovery & growth over several hours.

  • How do I consume Vital Strength Total Plus?

    Mix 40g or 2 scoops of Vital Strength Total Plus into 400mL of non-fat milk or water, then blend or shake. You can add fruits for added flavor. For best results, take it in the morning after waking up & within 45 minutes of an intensive workout.

  • Are there any precautions or allergens to be aware of?

    Vital Strength Total Plus contains milk & soy products, as soy lecithin is used to instantize whey proteins (less than 1% of the product). It is important to note this if you have allergies to these ingredients.

  • What are the main features of Vital Strength Total Plus?

    • Tri-phase release: Provides sustained protein release over time.
    • High protein content: Contains 23g of protein per serving.
    • Essential nutrients: Includes 21 vitamins & minerals to support an active lifestyle.
    • Glycomacropeptides & Whey Microfractions: High-quality protein components.
    • Added Glutamine & Creatine: To aid in recovery & muscle repair.
  • Who is Vital Strength Total Plus suitable for?

    Vital Strength Total Plus is ideal for active individuals who engage in regular exercise & seek to build and maintain muscle mass. It is particularly beneficial for those who require a sustained-release protein source to support their active lifestyle, aid in post-exercise recovery, & facilitate muscle repair.

  • What is Vital Strength Total Plus?

    Vital Strength Total Plus is a premium protein powder designed to support muscle recovery, growth, & overall health. It is an all-in-one protein supplement that contains 21 vitamins & minerals, high levels of Glycomacropeptides & Whey Microfractions, as well as added Glutamine & Creatine.

  • Vital Strength Total Protien plus has Creatine Monohydrate @ 200mg per 40g/. Is it ok or any side effects?

    No negative side effects would be expected from 200mg of Creatine.

Vital Strength Premium 100% Whey
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Summary Of Reviews
Vital Strength Total Plus is a protein blend that is beginner-friendly and aids in muscle gain and recovery. However, some users find the taste unpleasant and the consistency powdery, even when mixed with milk.
Beginner-friendly protein blend
Aids in muscle gain and recovery
Contains Glutamine and Creatine
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Jack J
Vital Strength Premium 100% Whey
my trainer put me onto total when i started out with him. he told me it was really beginner friendly. so far i reckon its worked. i put on a few kilos of muss and pretty happy with the results. its taste is ok i suppose. its the first protein powder i got so really dunno how it compares to other stuff.
Sam L
Vital Strength Premium 100% Whey
OK for casual use or after aerobic exercise, but for serious gains in an intense workout regime, you're better off with a more serious supplement....
James F
Vital Strength Premium 100% Whey
On paper looks great. Taste wise, not pleasant compared to Musashi or BSC Hydroxy Burn Pro. Terrible taste in water, definitely need milk to make it better. Still has a powdery consistency though. Other than the taste it's good.
Paddy S
Vital Strength Premium 100% Whey
If you’re looking for a quality protein blend, you can’t go past Vital Strength Total Plus from MrSupplement. It includes ingredients such as Glutamine and Creatine – unheard of in other protein supplements. To ensure that you are doing all you can to GROW, get some of this product from the trusted seller, MrSupplement.
Vital Strength Premium 100% Whey
Vital Strength Total Plus was the first blended protein I bought. I loved everything about it, it mixed easy, it tasted good, it helped me recover quickly, no bloating or sickness from taking 80g+ per day. I made marginal gains in weight and big gains in strength while on Total (since I was doing a pretty cardio intensive regime it is pretty impressive that I made any weight gains at all). I am now aiming more toward weight gain so I am currently taking Vital Strength Hydroxy Ripped because I knew the brand was quality – but when I reach my weight goals I won't hesitate to buy Total again.
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