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Vital Strength Hard Gainer
Hard Gainer Mass
Powered By: Vital Strength

 Rapid Bulking All-in-One Protein for Hard Gainers

  • Engineered for Rapid Muscle Growth
  • Improve Strength, Power & Muscle Size 
  • Additional L-Glutamine for Muscle Repair 
  • Loaded with 21 Vitamins & Minerals 
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Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass is the perfect combination of professional grade protein and carbohydrates to ensure maximum growth. The additional Creatine Monohydrate will help improve strength, power and muscle size whilst the added L-Glutamine will protect and repair your muscles between workouts.

Product Highlights

  • High GMP & Whey Microfractions
  • Engineered for Rapid Muscle Growth
  • Massive 2925kj per 120g with milk
  • Protects Muscle During Recovery

Hard Gainer Mass is a protein and carbohydrate formula engineered exclusively for people who have an extremely difficult time gaining weight and want to get bigger fast without the sugar overload.

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Vital Strength Hard Gainer
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  • Are there any artificial additives or banned substances in Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass?

    Vital Strength products, including Hard Gainer Mass, are manufactured under strict quality control & are free from banned substances. However, it's always a good practice to check the ingredients list & consult with relevant sports or anti-doping authorities if you have concerns about specific substances.

  • Can I use Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass as a pre-workout supplement?

    Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass is primarily formulated to support muscle growth & recovery. While it does provide energy from carbohydrates, it is not specifically designed as a pre-workout supplement. If you are looking for a product to enhance your performance during workouts, consider using a pre-workout supplement that contains ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, or citrulline malate.

  • How long does it take to see results with Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass?

    Results can vary depending on factors such as individual metabolism, training intensity, & diet. With consistent use of Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass along with a proper exercise regimen & balanced nutrition, noticeable results in terms of increased muscle mass & strength can typically be seen within several weeks to a few months.

  • Can I mix Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass with something other than milk or water?

    Yes, you can mix Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass with milk or water as instructed, but you can also get creative & incorporate it into different recipes or foods. For example, you can add it to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, or even use it in baking to increase the protein & calorie content of your favorite treats.

  • Is Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass suitable for beginners?

    Yes, Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass can be used by beginners who are looking to increase their muscle mass & improve their strength. However, it's essential to start with smaller serving sizes & gradually increase as per individual requirements & tolerance.

  • Who is Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass suitable for?

    Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass is specifically formulated for individuals who have an extremely difficult time gaining weight & want to build muscle mass quickly. It is ideal for hard gainers or those with a high metabolic rate who struggle to meet their caloric & nutritional needs through regular food alone.

  • How should I consume Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass?

    Mix 120g or 6 scoops of Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass with 400mls of milk or water. Blend or shake well. You can also add fruits or incorporate it into foods like cereal, desserts, or yogurts to increase the protein & energy content. Take as many times as you see fit in order to hit your required macro nutrient targets. Note: This product isn't a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet.

  • What is Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass?

    Vital Strength Hard Gainer Mass is a protein & carbohydrate formula designed for individuals who have difficulty gaining weight & want to achieve rapid muscle growth. It combines professional-grade protein, carbohydrates, L-Glutamine, & Creatine Monohydrate to promote muscle repair, improve strength, power, & muscle size.

Vital Strength Hard Gainer
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Summary Of Reviews
Vital Strength Hard Gainer is a weight gain supplement that has received positive reviews for its taste, mixability, and effective formula. Users report that it aids in gaining weight without adding excessive body fat and is also useful as a post-workout recovery shake.
Great taste and mixes well
Effective for weight gain
Useful for post-workout recovery
Does not lead to excess fat
Vanilla flavor can be mixed with fruits
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Nathan M
Vital Strength Hard Gainer
protein powder
great taste & mixes well
Scott R
Vital Strength Hard Gainer
I'm really impressed by the formula of Extreme Rapid. You don't often find weight gainers with mainly a WPI as its protein source. To be honest I don't use this as a mass gainer at all. I save it for mainly post workout. It's a great recovery shake. Texture is thin and taste is OK. I've been using the chocolate and it just tastes generic sweet. But who cares, ingredients are excellent.
Scott S
Vital Strength Hard Gainer
I've started using vital strength 4 months ago now. First thing to say it tastes great and mixes easily, that's something that is hard to find with weight gainers. I've put on a little bit of size in the 4 months. Definitely stick with it for a while to come. A must Try.
Jeremy H
Vital Strength Hard Gainer
I used this product for a period of 4 months while trying to bulk up, without gaining too much excess body fat. I found that within 2 weeks I had already gained 2 kilos, which for me, was a remarkable result. Over the rest of the time I used this product I put on a further 3 kilos to my frame. Unlike other weight gainers, this one does not load up on huge amounts of carbohydrates; which can lead to gaining body fat. I had two shakes a day on training days; one in the morning and one post workout, and one shake on non training days. I recommend the vanilla flavour as it can be mixed with fruits such as berries or banana. I give this product 9/10 for achieving desired weight gain.
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