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Supplement Facts

Here at Mr Supplement we get a lot of questions about supplements. We understand that the supplement world can be a little overwhelming for beginners, or even some intermediate trainers. So we're here to help. Some questions are asked more than others, and we've decided to include some of them here.

Q: I am a beginner, what is the best supplement for building muscle and size?

A: When you're just entering the world of bodybuilding and weight training, it doesn't matter whether you want to get huge or just put on a little bit of muscle, a good place to start is with a weight gainer protein powder. The extra calories from the weight gainer will stimulate your body to grow, and the extra protein will provide the building blocks. Furthermore, weight gainers make ideal post workout recovery supplements for that all important post workout anabolic window. For you hard gainers, look for a powder that has plenty of carbs (and hence calories). Something that has at least 3 g carbs to every 1 g protein is a good place to start. Choose a weight gainer with fewer carbs if you are more prone to putting on fat (ie 1 g carbs to 1 g protein). Please have a read of our "Best Weight Gainer" article for information on how to pick the best weight gainer for your needs.

Q: What is the best supplement for building strength?

A: Using the same supplements for muscle building can also help to build strength. However, something that has been clinically proven time and again for strength gains is creatine. Including this simple supplement in your supplement stack is likely to help you get stronger quicker than without. Please have a read of our "Best Creatine" article for information on how to pick the best creatine for your needs.

Q: What can I take to help me lose weight fast?

A: Sometimes people want to lose weight to meet a deadline (whether it be for a beach party, a wedding, or competition) and feel that a diet and exercise alone is not quick enough. In such an instance, there are a range of fat burner products designed to complement the hard work you are already doing. Many of these products have scientific backing to show their effectiveness. Some even work without diet and exercise, but of course, results are much better when all three things are combined.

Q: What supplements should I take to help me keep muscle mass while losing fat?

A: There are a great range of fat loss proteins on the market. They tend to contain a protein blend that is low in carbs and fats, so they should fit in with even the strictest of diets. The protein will help maintain your lean mass and keep you feeling full. At the same time, these products also contain thermogenics, fat blockers, carb blockers, appetite suppressants, and/or other ingredients to help you achieve greater fat loss.

Q: Are protein powders or fat burners safe for women?

A: Absolutely! There is generally nothing in protein powders or fat burners that contain anything that will cause side effects specifically towards women. The converse is also true. If a supplement marketed towards women meets the requirements of men, they should not be reluctant to try it. Despite the way some supplements are marketed, they are suitable for use for both men and women, and they will not cause masculine features to develop on women or feminine traits to develop on men. For more information please read our "Supplements for Women" article. However, it should be noted, that if you are pregnant or lactating, you should check the suitability of your supplement with a health care professional before use.

Q: Can I stack a pre workout supplement and a fat burner together?

A: Stacking fat burners and pre workouts, especially concentrated pre workout supplements may result in you putting a lot of stimulants into your system. Therefore, it is not recommended that these two should be taken together at the same time (with the exception of stim-free pre workouts). However, if you separate those two products by upwards of four hours, they can be taken in the same day if you follow directions.

Q: Is a HGH supplement good for me and how do I use it? I thought hGH was illegal.

A: Human growth hormone (or hGH) is only available as a prescription drug. However, HGH supplements available from Mr Supplement are all 100% legal for purchase without prescription. This is because HGH supplements do not contain any actual growth hormone. Instead, they are a dietary supplement, typically made up of arginine and lysine, designed to increase your natural levels of growth hormone production within your body.

Whether or not HGH supplements are worth your investment largely depends on your age. As we age, our levels of HGH production naturally decreases. Therefore, if you are an older individual, say 30 years and above, then HGH may be of benefit to you. However, if you are 18 years old, your natural levels of HGH production are already high, and it may be better for you to invest in other supplements, such as protein powders, creatine, and/or pre workout supplements.

Q: How much protein do I need?

A: The amount of protein you need depends on the amount and type of training you do. This could range from anywhere between one to two grams per kilo of bodyweight. More information can be found in our "Recommended Protein Intake per Day" article. This can then help you work out if your diet is short of some protein, and if so, how many protein shakes you will need to fill that gap.

Q: What supplements are best to reduce soreness after training?

A: There are a wide range of supplements with potential to help reduce the severity of muscle soreness. These include protein & carbohydrate blends, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), HMB, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids among other things.

Q: How long before I see results?

A: This is a commonly asked question, but it is the most difficult to answer because there are so many variables involved. It depends on genetics, diet, supplements, workout routine, and so much more. However, if you're new to the sport, you will find that when you first start lifting, that significant improvements are made in the first few months. You will get proportionally stronger very quickly, but then progress starts to plateau.

Q: Are there proteins that are free from artificial ingredients and sweeteners?

A: With the huge variety of protein powders out there, it is no surprise that you can find something to suit everyone's needs. Some people feel that they may benefit more from an all-natural protein powder. In which case, Mr Supplement has you covered. We have a range of natural protein powders, some of which that are even unflavoured and/or from alternative sources such as pea, egg, or soy.

Hopefully these FAQs have helped you out. If not, feel free to contact any one of the knowledgeable and friendly staff here at Mr Supplement for additional advice.

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