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Ronnie Coleman Pro-Antium Review

Ronnie Coleman is a name synonymous with success. A winner of a record number of My Olympia titles, there have been no bodybuilders ever who have been able to match the strength, natural genetics and success (8 time Mr. Olympia) of Ronnie Coleman. Recently, Ronnie Coleman released a set of 3 supplements including a pre-workout, a GH boosting supplement and a testosterone boosting supplement to great acclaim. Ronnie Coleman’s ‘Signature Series’ will be hoping to capitalise their success by expanding their series to a 4th product; a protein powder known as Pro-Antium. Lets take a look at how Pro-Antium stacks up against its competition.

Ronnie Coleman Pro-Antium Review

What Is It?

Pro-Antium is Ronnie Coleman’s answer to a bodybuilder’s or a fitness athlete’s protein needs. Protein is by far the most crucial nutrient for muscle building and is by far one of the most used nutritional and sporting supplements. As such, a good protein powder is key between moderate gains and premium success. More than just a regular protein supplement however, Pro-Antium is also fortified with other ergogenic ingredients aimed at helping to boost workout and recovery potential.

Quick Highlights

  • 29g of protein per serve
  • 5g of creatine per serve
  • 2.5g of betaine per serve
  • Blend of proteins with different absorption rates for sustained release and supply
  • Easy to mix and extremely great tasting, but lack of flavours
  • More carbohydrates needed if being used by endurance athlete but perfect for bodybuilders

First Impressions

At first glance, Ronnie Coleman’s Pro-Antium seems to be following the recent trend of protein powders becoming more functional supplements. As most people tend to start off with one or two supplements and with protein being perhaps the most recommended core supplement, it makes sense for protein powders to offer more than just protein. One of Pro-Antium’s main selling point is that it contains 29g of protein per serve, slightly more than your average blended protein. This larger figure is important because at 20g of protein and under, one may not be getting enough essential amino acids (EAAs) to maximise muscle adaptations with current recommendations ranging between 6-20g of EAAs. Pro-Antium boasts 13.5g of EAAs, more than enough to kickstart muscle protein synthesis and other positive muscular adaptations.

The use of a mix of protein fractions with different absorption rates is also a highlight as it aims to help promote a sustained release of protein over a longer period of time. The inclusion of some carbohydrates in the Pro-Antium is also beneficial, mainly to help improve creatine absorption and also to synergistically work with protein for improved protein absorption.

Difference From the Competition

The addition of creatine, whilst not a new concept, is at higher levels than for most blended proteins. With 5g of creatine per serving, it is ideal in elevating blood levels of creatine to promote training and growth adaptations including improvements in strength and muscle fibre size. To get the most out of the creatine in Pro-Antium, it might be best to consume at least 3-4 servings per day for the first 5-10 days, which has beenshown to result in a 20% increase in muscle concentrations of creatine.

Of Particular Interest

The use of betaine, a natural compound derived from beets is perhaps a highlight of Ronnie Coleman’s Pro-Antium. With increasing interest from the sports science community, betaine has been shown in a range of studies to promote improved muscular power performance as well as endurance capacity. In simpler terms, the use of 2.5g of betaine (the amount in one serve of Pro-Antium) for about 3 weeks can help you work out longer, more explosively and with less fatigue. While research is still in its early stages for betaine, there are some promising results with its use as an ergogenic ingredient.

Flavour & Mixability

At the moment, there is only one flavour available in the Pro-Antium range; cookies and cream. The use of real cookie pieces makes Pro-Antium taste similar to a crunchy milkshake. Pro-Antium is on the thicker side, so if you’re not used to a thicker protein shake, you may want to make the shake up with extra liquid and use water instead of milk. In terms of mixability, Pro-Antium mixes extremely well and the powder is easily dissolved in the recommended amount of liquid of 5-10 ounces or 150-260mL. While there is some frothiness, there is no residue or grainy texture.

Weaker Points

When comparing protein supplements, one popular method would be to compare protein per 100g as this provides a uniform measure. However, when it comes to more functional blended proteins such as the Pro-Antium, this number can be deceptive. Whilst Pro-Antium only has 65% protein, a figure which may deter the quick glancing consumer, the addition of both Creatine and Betaine is more than enough to offset this figure. And when you’re considering serving sizes, Pro-Antium still contains plenty if not more protein per serve than most similar products in its range.

The only real issue with Pro-Antium is that, as a stand alone supplement, it is a supplement that leans more towards bodybuilding and strength based sports and activities rather than endurance based ones or sports with a greater cardio component. Although both betaine and creatine can be beneficial for endurance based activities, the relative lack of carbohydrates means it may not be enough to substantially replenish glycogen levels in the muscle, an important factor for endurance based activities. The other major weak point with Pro-Antium is its current lack of flavours. However with a great tasting existing flavour, one can be assured that Ronnie Coleman has invested considerably into taste development with possibly more flavours to be released.

Who It's For

Ronnie Coleman’s Pro-Antium is an excellent starter protein for those who are just beginning to get serious about working out and wanting to build muscle fast. More suited to a strength trainer, Pro-Antium can also be used by more seasoned trainers wanting to increase their workout capacity and reduce fatigue during workouts whilst not having to buy an extra 3-4 supplements. I've enjoyed Pro-Antium which on first tub consumed seems to be another quality Ronnie Coleman formulation.


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