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Pro Supps DNPX Review

DNPX is a fat burner from Pro Supps which caused a quite a stir when it was released in the US. One of the most potent weight loss aids on the market, DNPX quickly developed a large and devoted following. Unfortunately the original formulation contained ingredients like Yohimbine and 5-HTP which are not permitted in Australian products, so the product required reformulation for the local market. This has now been completed and DNPX has just hit the Aussie shelves.

Pro Supps DNPX Highlights

*Large, comprehensive ingredient list

*Potent energy

*Fights fat in every way possible

Pro Supps DNPX Ingredients

DNPX has undergone significant changes to get it ready to for its Aussie debut, and many people will be glad to know that this reformulation has not compromised the potency.

The ingredients in this product are divided into five matrices. The caffeine matrix is self explanatory - -caffeine anhydrous is joined by infinergy slow release caffeine. The I-Matrix is is one of the most potent stimulant blends around, featuring AMP Citrate, synephrine, octopamine, and Swertia chirayita extract.

The latest fat burning ingredients, like green coffee bean, Garcinia cambogia, alpha lipoic acid, raspbery ketones, green tea, african mango and forskolin, can be found in the T-Matrix, while the carnitine matrix features three varieties of this stalwart fatty acid transport molecule. The mood modulating F-Matrix features taurine, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, pikatropin, picamilon and dendrobium and the D-complex features diuretic dandelion extract and antioxidant rich Lycii berry.

Pro Supps DNPX Pros & Benefits

With an extensive list of ingredients, DNPX pretty much has everything needed for weight loss. The heavy dose of stimulants boosts energy, suppresses appetite and sharpens focus, while the ingredients in the T-Matrix and the three types of carnitine go after fat in every way possible, from reducing the absorption of fats, boosting the metabolic rate, to preventing fat storage. The T-Matrix is jam packed full of the latest miracle products, and there aren’t many weight loss products that even come close to the all-star lineup of fat fighting ingredients this fat burner features.

The US version of DNPX is known for its huge dose of stimulants and strong thermogenic effect. It is impressive that Pro Supps has managed to recreate the potency of the original with a reformulation that bears very little resemblance to its original namesake. DNPX makes use of some of the newest and most powerful legal stimulants available, so it still packs a massive punch. Infinergy slow release caffeine is an underused ingredient providing long lasting energy and avoiding the peak and trough.

The calorie restriction that comes with weight loss can really put a dampener on mood and cognition, so the mood enhancing F-Matrix is a great inclusion, that will not only help you stay on track, but also make using DNPX a pleasurable experience. Notable inclusions are picamilon and pikatropin, neurotransmitter based relaxants that help to temper the heavy stimulant load for jitter-free energy.

Pro Supps DNPX Cons & Negatives

The major issue is probably the absence of a full ingredient panel. Pro Supps has divided the ingredient panel into matrices, and listed the weight of each matrix per serve, rather than the individual dosage of each ingredient. From the weights given, it appears possible that a number of ingredients, particularly those in the fat burning T-Matrix, are underdosed.

Aside from this, there really isn’t much about DNPX to take issue with. This is a well formulated, potent fat burner that is sure to get great results for a lot of people.

Pro Supps DNPX Taste & Mixability

Like most fat burners, DNPX Mixes easily with water, and requires only minimal shaking. It comes in three flavours – pineapple punch, green apple and blue raspberry, all of which have been well received. The fruity flavour does a good job of hiding the bitterness of some of the ingredients in DNPX, and overall, it is easy to drink.

Pro Supps DNPX Verdict

DNPX is one of the best reformulations we have seen, definitely created in the spirit of the original. This super potent fat burner blends the newest cutting edge stimulants with fat burners, mood boosters, antioxidants, diuretics and more, to create one of the most comprehensive weight loss products on the market. We predict that DNPX is going to be another hit for Pro Supps.

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