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What is Picamilon?

Picamilon, also commonly spelled as Pikamilon or nicotinoyl-GABA is a common dietary supplement that is made by combining niacin (vitamin B3) with GABA or gamma aminobutyric acid. Developed in the Soviet Union in the late 60s, the product is most commonly used as a nootropic supplement thanks to its positive effects on mood and mental performance and also as a vasodilator.

Where Does Picamilon come from?

Picamilon is a purely synthetic ingredient. In other words, it doesn’t occur naturally in nature, however its two constituent ingredients; Niacin and GABA are found naturally in foods and synthesised by our body respectively.

Picamilon Benefits

Picamilon is able to cross the blood brain barrier whereby it is hydrolysed to niacin and GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter that will reduce the excitability to the nervous system. In other words, GABA can help to act to reduce anxiety and make you calmer. This is often why it is used as a supplement for those who find it hard to fall asleep. Picamilon also has vasodilatory properties and can help to improve blood flow through the body. This is mostly due to the niacin part of the compound.

Picamilon Benefits for Bodybuilders

The ingredient is mostly found in pre workouts thanks to its three main properties. Acting as a vasodilator, picamilon can help to support pumps and blood flow to working muscles. This can bring more oxygen to the muscles and support performance, but also help take fatigue causing metabolites away. It can also help support mood and concentration as well as reduce anxiety with causing drowsiness. This can enhance training and performance during competitive events. Maintaining a calmer demeanour can help you concentrate more on your exercises and achieving proper form for better muscle growth.

Picamilon Side Effects, Safety & Negatives

As there is very little research on Picamilon, there aren’t extensive studies on the side effects of the ingredient. When used in appropriate doses of less than 500mg per day, it is an extremely safe and shouldn’t result in any negative side effects. Picamilon is a weak monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAO-I) and definitely not in the same class as other MAO-Is such as anti-depressants. As Picamilon contains niacin, it’s important to know that high doses of niacin can cause flushing and even a rash in rare circumstances. To reiterate though, you’ll find that the doses of Picamilon you find in supplements is much less than what would cause any negative side effects.


Picamilon Recommended Dose & Ingredient Timing

No official recommendations exist for dosing of Picamilon, however most supplements provide 50-100mg per serve. With respect to timing, Picamilon based supplements should be taken prior to workouts as it is often found in pre workout supplements. However, as a single ingredient, Picamilon could be taken closer to bedtime to make advantage of its anxiolytic (reduced anxiety) effects.

Picamilon Supplements

Picamilon is most often found in fat burners and pre-workouts, however it can also be found in select amino acid supplements and sleep support products. It is also found as a single ingredient supplement.

Stacking Picamilon

Picamilon stacks well with most other ingredients, however works well with other pre workout, fat burner and pump support ingredients. These include stimulants such as caffeine and bitter orange extract, metabolism boosters such as green tea extract and acetyl l-carnitine as well as vasodilation ingredients such as citrulline. However Picamilon can be stacked with most other supplements.

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