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PhD Casein Peptide+ Review

PhD Nutrition are better known in their native country of origin; United Kingdom – but their tasty, well researched, results driven and innovative supplements are helping them expand their line and name all over the world. With some well known supplements in their line including their pre-workout Wired and their potent health supplement Greens pH-7, PhD are set to close out 2013 with the release of two new supplements; one of which is their slow release protein formula; Casein Peptide+

PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide+ Highlights

  • Micellar casein based protein featuring added peptides.
  • Glutamine, leucine and tryptophan peptides for recovery, growth and improved mood/sleep.
  • 23g of slow digesting, sustained release protein and amino acids per serve.

PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide+ Ingredients & Dosage

PhD Nutrition’s Casein Peptide+ is a fairly simple protein featuring milk protein concentrate as its core ingredient. The full list of ingredients and special features of the supplement are as follows:

  • Milk Protein Concentrate - Providing 60% micellar casein.
  • BCAAs (3,878mg) – Most of the BCAAs will be derived from the milk protein concentrate, however this value will include the added Pepform® Leucine Peptides.
  • Glutamine (4g) – Most of it will be derived from the micellar casein; however PhD have added peptide bonded glutamine as well to a value of 1,880mg.
  • Pepform® Leucine Peptides – A highly bioavailable form of the branched chain amino acid leucine.
  • Pepform® Tryptophan Peptides- A highly bioavailable form of the amino acid tryptophan.
  • Additional single amino acids including l-glycine and L-tryptophan

The supplement will be available in 2 sizes; 900g and 1.8kg with each 30g serving size of Casein Peptide+ containing 23g of protein (76%), 2.07g of carbohydrates and 0.42g of fat totalling only 107.7 calories.

PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide+ Pros & Effectiveness

Although the core ingredient of Casein Peptide+ is milk protein concentrate, it is choc full of micellar casein; one of the slowest absorbing proteins on the market. While whey has predominantly been the most popular protein fraction; casein proteins are a good way to sustain amino acid delivery to the muscles over a longer period of time; making it a better option as a night time protein, but also for trainers who aren’t as diligent with their diet and protein intake. The addition of quick acting leucine peptides aids in the process of muscle protein synthesis and slows down catabolic muscle breakdown. The addition of tryptophan peptides is also an excellent inclusion which has been known to support improved sleep and the production of serotonin; the happiness hormone which aids in appetite control, increased energy levels and better cognitive performance. Glycine has also been researched as a sleep aid with positive results.

PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide+ Cons

While PhD Casein Peptide+ does contain leucine peptides; overall the protein source is rather slow and may not be suitable for more experienced trainers who require a quicker and more immediate source of protein and amino acids to support continuing good growth and recovery.

PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide+ Taste & Mixability

PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide+ is currently available in 3 flavours; Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Crème and Vanilla Crème. As with most caseins; the texture of the product is slightly grainy due to lower solubility of casein protein; however is not unpleasant. The taste of the protein is one of its highlights however, with a moderately creamy texture and milkshake like flavour. If they can increase their flavour range; Casein Peptide+ can definitely become one of their more popular proteins.

PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide+ Verdict

PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide+ is a well thought out slower absorbing protein supplement and they’ve done well in creating a relatively innovative product, even though its predominant feature has been around for the best part of a decade. The use of tryptophan and leucine peptides helps to elevate Casein Peptide+ into a protein that is more versatile than most casein proteins; however it is still ideally used along with a faster acting blended whey protein. Overall though, PhD Nutrition’s Casein Peptide+ is a unique protein that provides intermediate and advanced trainers everything they need to maintain the best possible anabolic state during longer periods without food.

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