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P3P Policy

MrSupplement does everything possible to respect your privacy, including limiting the use of cookies, however in order to place an order, we use a session cookie to store a unique ID to allow you, the customer, to proceed with checkout. This cookie does nothing more than that.

Some time in the late 2000s, the W3C published a protocol called P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences Project) to provide a standard for sites to state their intentions when collecting data. Here at MrSupplement, we ensured that this standard was adhered to by sending a Compact Policy (CP) with every request to the site, however it has led to an abundance of problems. As there is a multitude of browsers available at the time of writing, all of which seem to be very selective about whether or not to adhere to one standard or another, they all handle P3P differently. Additionally, we suspect that since antivirus and firewall software can intercept HTTP headers before processing, they too have their own methods of handling the P3P protocol. Due to these issues, we have had several customers contact us because these cookies were not being set, thus preventing them from being able to successfully place an order.

It has been many years since the P3P protocol has been updated, and most browsers have simply abandoned it.  The latest protocol acknowledges this by stating "there was insufficient support from current Browser implementers for the implementation of P3P 1.1.".

While we do all that we can to follow standards, It is for these reasons that MrSupplement cannot continue to follow the P3P protocol.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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