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Nature's Own Liver Tonic
Liver Tonic
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Liver Tonic Supplement for Detoxification 

  • 7000mg Milk Thistle per Capsule
  • Improve Liver Detoxification Capacity 
  • Maintain Liver Regeneration & Enhance Liver Function 
  • Provide Antioxidant Effects
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Nature's Own Liver Tonic contains active ingredient milk thistle (Silybum Marianum) which is a herb that has been known for its support in liver function and supported by modern research. As Milk thistle may be able to assist the liver, you may experience the following effects: enhancing normal liver function, improving liver detoxifying capacity, protects liver cells and antioxidant effects.

Nature’s Own™ Liver Tonic contains milk thistle (Silybum marianum), a herb recognised for its effects on liver health and function. According to traditional use and modern research, milk thistle may support this important organ by:

  • Enhancing normal liver function – The liver plays a number of crucial roles in the body. It acts as a filter, helping remove chemicals and toxins, assists in the production of bile, which is required for normal fat digestion and helps to process food nutrients.
  • Improving liver detoxification capacity – One of the liver’s main roles is as a cleanser and filter of the bloodstream. It breaks down or transforms potentially harmful substances such as ammonia, metabolic waste, and chemicals that enter the blood, which enables them to be excreted safely. Nature’s Own™ Liver Tonic with milk thistle may help to support the liver’s detoxification processes.
  • Maintaining liver regeneration – The liver is a unique organ that can regenerate itself by replacing damaged tissue with new cells. Milk thistle is credited to support this function through various effects.
  • Protecting liver cells – Milk thistle has hepatoprotective properties, which simply means that it helps to protect the cells of the liver from injury. Although the liver is highly resilient, it comes into contact with various harmful substances on a daily basis and may need some extra support.
  • Providing antioxidant effects – Molecules called flavonoids found in milk thistle, such as silymarin and silybin, have been found to have antioxidant properties and help to reduce damaging free‐radical.

Nature’s Own™ Liver Tonic tablets contain Milk Thistle standardized extract equivalent to 7000mg of dry fruit and 76mg of flavanolignans calculated as Silybin, per tablet. Silybin is believed to be responsible for many of milk thistle’s properties.

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Nature's Own Liver Tonic
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  • What is Nature’s Own Liver Tonic, and how does it support liver health?

    Nature’s Own Liver Tonic is a dietary supplement containing milk thistle (Silybum Marianum), a herb recognized for its beneficial effects on liver function. It supports liver health by enhancing normal liver function, improving detoxification capacity, maintaining liver regeneration, protecting liver cells, and providing antioxidant effects.

  • How does milk thistle in Nature’s Own Liver Tonic enhance normal liver function?

    Milk thistle supports normal liver function by aiding in the production of bile, which is essential for fat digestion, and assisting in the removal of toxins and chemicals from the body.

  • In what way does Nature’s Own Liver Tonic improve liver detoxification capacity?

    Nature’s Own Liver Tonic helps improve the liver's detoxification capacity by assisting in breaking down harmful substances such as metabolic waste and chemicals in the bloodstream, enabling their safe excretion from the body.

  • Does Nature’s Own Liver Tonic help maintain liver regeneration?

    Yes, Nature’s Own Liver Tonic supports liver regeneration by aiding in the replacement of damaged liver tissue with new cells, thereby promoting overall liver health and function.

  • How does Nature’s Own Liver Tonic protect liver cells?

    Nature’s Own Liver Tonic contains milk thistle, which has hepatoprotective properties, helping to shield liver cells from injury caused by exposure to various harmful substances encountered in daily life.

  • What are the antioxidant effects of Nature’s Own Liver Tonic?

    Nature’s Own Liver Tonic provides antioxidant effects through the presence of flavonoids such as silymarin and silybin found in milk thistle. These antioxidants help reduce the damage caused by free radicals, supporting liver health and overall well-being.

  • How much milk thistle does Nature’s Own Liver Tonic contain per tablet?

    Each tablet of Nature’s Own Liver Tonic contains milk thistle standardized extract equivalent to 7000mg of dry fruit and 76mg of flavanolignans calculated as Silybin, believed to be responsible for many of milk thistle’s beneficial properties.

  • Who can benefit from taking Nature’s Own Liver Tonic?

    Nature’s Own Liver Tonic is suitable for individuals looking to support liver health and function. It may be beneficial for those seeking to enhance normal liver function, improve detoxification capacity, maintain liver regeneration, protect liver cells, and benefit from antioxidant effects. However, individuals with specific medical conditions or concerns should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Nature's Own Liver Tonic
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