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Myolabs Thermovol Review

A bodybuilding supplement company is hardly complete without having a fat burner. For Myolabs, this would be Thermovol, an interesting product that is part fat burner and part pre workout. Funny enough, this is a combination that is not as common as you would think.

Thermovol Highlights

  • Contains effective pre workout ingredients
  • Is also a potent fat burner
  • Unique 2 in 1 product ideal for those who want to train hard and burn fat.

Thermovol Ingredients

Thermovol is a concentrated powder with each serve weighing in at a tiny 3.8 g. It contains:

  • Arginine and citrulline for muscle pump
  • Beta-alanine to buffer against lactate
  • 2-oxo-pentanedioc acid (AKG) to help eliminate ammonia
  • Malate assists citrulline
  • Caffeine for energy
  • N-Acetyl-tyrosine – a neurotransmitter precursor for mood
  • Dandelion root powder as a herbal diuretic
  • Guarana seed extract – a common caffeine containing fat loss ingredient
  • Yerba mate leaf powder – another popular caffeine containing ingredient which may assist fat loss
  • Cayenne extract – thermogenic with weight loss potential
  • Ginger root powder – may increase calories burned through food among many other benefits
  • Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) powder – a stimulant and thermogenic popular in fat burners
  • White willow bark – when stacked with caffeine and bitter orange may boost their weight loss effects.

Thermovol Effectiveness & Pros

There are very few fat burner slash pre workout combos currently on the market. Many that claim to do both are often just fat burners that instruct their customers to take it prior to a workout, while not actually providing any actual workout support beyond the stimulants. Thermovol is different, it actually contains pre workout ingredients like arginine, citrulline, beta alanine, and AKG to improve pump and exercise performance.

Just because Thermovol has solid pre workout ingredients, don’t think that they’ve skimped on the fat loss side. Everything you’d expect in a decent fat burner is present, so that side is also well covered.

Because Thermovol is well covered in regards to pre workout and fat loss ingredients, it is the perfect 2 in 1 product for those who wish to maximise performance and burn fat simultaneously.

Thermovol Negatives & Cons

Thermovol suffers from a problem that is becoming less common these days. While many companies are moving away from proprietary blends, Myolabs seem still very keen to keep their formulations a secret. A look at the label gives you little information in regards to dosing with the exception of caffeine (150 mg/serve). This makes it difficult for unfamiliar individuals to know how the product will likely perform without actually trying it.

The inclusion of dandelion root also deserves some mention as it is an ingredient which shows some pretty potent diuretic effects. Although this is sometimes desirable during weight loss, it does need to be in fairly high doses for it to be effective. However, if Thermovol does indeed contain high levels of dandelion root, it renders the product unsuitable for use for extended periods, as diuretics should not be taken for longer than a few days. This means there’s a catch 22. Either Thermovol is underdosed in regards to dandelion (so why put it in?) or it is well dosed enough to make the product unsuitable for use longer than a few days (not ideal for a fat burner). More likely, it is the former that is true as it is too far down the list of ingredients to contain much of a strong diuretic effect.

Thermovol Taste & Mixability

Thermovol is a great tasting product that mixes very easily. It is particularly refreshing and enjoyable if mixed up with a cup of cold water. It does have an unusual lingering aftertaste that is also present with products like Mesomorph. The two companies must be using the same flavouring agents and sweeteners.

Thermovol Verdict

Finally, there is a product that is truly a fat burner combined with a pre workout supplement. Thermovol is a capable product that successfully straddles both categories and it can make life much simpler for those who are interested in training hard and burning fat.

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