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MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Pack Review

Celebrated supplement company MusclePharm has released a new series of supplements endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, aptly titled the ‘Arnold Series’. A much anticipated range of supplements, one of the products in the range will be Iron Pack, a comprehensive multi-vitamin supplement. Let’s take a look at what might be in Iron Pack and see how it compares to other similar supplements.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Pack Highlights

  • Comprehensive multivitamin, mineral, health and liver support complex

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Pack Ingredients & Dosage

MusclePharm’s Iron Pack is the Arnold Series comprehensive multivitamin, liver support, joint support and overall health supplement. Iron Pack closely resembles such comprehensive multivitamin complexes such as Universal Nutrition’s Animal Pak, Optimum Nutrition’s Opti-Men and MusclePharm’s very own Armor-V, an extremely good product in its own right. Arnold Series Iron Pack contains:

  • Vitamin and Mineral Complex – Essential and Non-Essential
  • Omega Complex (1,000mg) – Including fish oils providing omega 3 fatty acids fractions including DHA and EPA
  • Super Food Blend (500mg) – A collection of vegetable and fruit extracts and powders.
  • Antioxidant Complex (300mg) – Consisting of a range of popular and common antioxidants.
  • Joint Performance Blend (1,000mg) – Including Cissus Quadrangularis and Collagen Complex
  • Alpha Male Performance Blend (1,425mg) – Including ingredients to help support testosterone levels as well as to assist with anabolism and catabolism processes.
  • Cognitive Support (170mg) – A range of 4 ingredients to support cognitive and mental performance.
  • Liver Tab Complex – Made up of Argentinian Beef Liver

Each Iron Pack contains 30 individual packs of 10 tablets for a full months supply of your vitamin, mineral and health needs.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Pack Pros & Effectiveness

Arnold Series Iron Pack is modelled off MusclePharm’s Armor-V but with a few noticeable differences, especially with the omega complex, the liver support complex and the inclusion of the Alpha Male Performance Blend. Both MusclePharm’s and the Arnold Series multivitamin complexes will provide you with a super hit of all your essential vitamins and minerals but will also provide you with a large range of other ingredients to support overall health. Being such a complete supplement, it is ideal for serious and intense trainers looking at supporting their training and diet, but is also useful for those on a weight loss or fat loss regimen as decreased calories often results in inadequacy of micronutrients . Training while on a calorie restricted diet is also extremely taxing on your body, physically, physiologically and mentally. The comprehensive complex contained in Iron Pack will ensure you stay on the ball and train effectively and avoid being immuno-compromised.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Pack Cons

The main problem with these extremely comprehensive multi-vitamin supplements is that they usually require the individual to consume a large number of pills. For some people, this isn’t a huge deal, but for others, it might be a deterrent. Extremely comprehensive multivitamin complexes are always hard to judge due to the sheer amount of ingredients; some of which might work synergistically while others may negate each others effects.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Pack Taste & Mixability

Iron Pack is a mixture of tablets and capsules.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Pack Verdict

The Arnold Series Iron Pack is a great product. After all, you can rarely get such a complete and all inclusive multivitamin, mineral and health complex wrong. The pricing of Arnold Pack could be more competitive, especially since similar products such as Animal Pak and even Armor-V are less so, but the price you’re paying is for some extras such as a joint support complex and non-standard ingredients such as Argentinian Beef Liver. The bottom line is if you are a casual trainer who maintains a good diet, then there’s really no reason a regular cheaper multivitamin without all the fancy inclusions won’t be enough such as Swisse’s Multivitamin Range. For advanced trainers, athletes and people who tend to skip meals, party hard or just have extremely poor diets, MusclePharm’s Iron Pack offers the nutrients you need to maintain good health, but is by no means a substitute for healthy eating and exercise habits.

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