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MusclePharm’s Arnold Series of Supplements comes with it great anticipation and excitement over its formula and the supplement’s effectiveness. One of the releases in the series is Iron Dream – their take on a sleep aid and recovery formula. Let’s take a look at what’s in the Arnold Series Iron Dream and how it compares to other similar supplements.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream Highlights

  • Night Growth Matrix containing 5 Sleep Support Ingredients
  • 2 Well Studied Testosterone Support Ingredients
  • Recovery and Muscle Protein Synthesis Ingredients including Glutamine & BCAAs
  • ZMA Complex

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream Ingredients & Dosage

Iron Dream is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series sleep support and recovery supplement. Essentially the supplement is based on one of MusclePharm’s popular sleep support supplement Bullet Proof with a few added extras. The main ingredients and blends contained in Iron Dream include:

  • Arnold’s Dream Proprietary Blend (3,555mg) – This blend actually contains two ingredient matrices outlined below.
  • Night Growth Matrix – This matrix contains a range of sleep support and testosterone support ingredients.
  • Muscle Recovery Matrix – Glutamine, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Fenugreek.
  • ZMA Complex – One of the foundation complexes used in almost 80-90% of sleep and recovery supplements. Each serving of Iron Dream contains 30mg Zinc, 125mg of Magnesium & 10.5mg of Vitamin B6.
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Including Vitamin D, Boron & Copper.

The Arnold Series Iron Dream is available in tubs of about 170g containing 30 serves of 5.6g and only 5 calories per serve.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream Pros & Effectiveness

There’s no doubt that MusclePharm’s Bullet Proof is a fantastic formula and improving upon that with a range of extras as is the case for Iron Dream makes the supplement even better. The current American version currently contains two ingredients not allowed in Australia including 5 HTP and Melatonin, so the supplement will definitely need some reformulating before hitting the Australian Market.

Discounting those ingredients, MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream contains a solid range of ingredients. Glutamine and branched chain amino acids are vital in supporting recovery, immune health and muscle protein synthesis after exercise training. Horny Goat Weed and Fenugreek both have studies displaying its potential to support improved testosterone levels with Fenugreek able to reduce the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The remaining sleep support ingredients; L-Glycine, GABA and Mucuna Pruriens are helpful in supporting calmness and improved moods with decreased anxiety – all beneficial for sleep inducement.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream Cons

Iron Dream will most likely be reformulated with the removal of Melatonin and 5 HTP and possibly even Mucuna Pruriens. This would render the supplement slightly less effective, but the obvious addition of phenibut will make this change less noticeable. The only other issue with Iron Dream is the size of the dose. With the proprietary blend at only 3.5g and over 10 active ingredients, there just doesn’t seem to be enough of some of the core ingredients.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream Taste & Mixability

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream is available in two flavours; Fruit Punch and Grape. Similar to Bulletproof, the supplement mixes well and has a refreshing taste which can be quite sweet, however not unpleasant.

MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream Verdict

The Arnold Series Iron Dream is like a concentrated cousin of MusclePharm’s Bullet Proof with a few added extras. Although the supplement will be reformulated, the core of the effective active ingredients will be available. It’s a good suggestion to up the dose for Iron Dream as the recommended serving size might not contain therapeutic doses of many of the ingredients. Overall however, Iron Dream offers a slew of well studied ingredients to support sleep and recovery and no doubt, you’ll be getting back into the gym quicker with it than without it.

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