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Muscle Nation Three-D
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Stim-Free Pump & Performance Pre-workout

  • No Caffeine & No Stimulants 
  • Increase Muscle Fullness
  • GlycerPump® for Sustained Pump
  • Over 1600mg of Nootropics for Razor Sharp Focus
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Three-Dee is Muscle Nation's Stimulant Free option focuses on getting and maintaining huge pumps in the gym. Using vaso-dilating ingredients and ingredient blends like Citruline and Glycopump Three-D helps to increase muscle fullness and blood flow to the working muscle. This in turn also helps with effective recovery post-workout as nutrients have a free ride straight to the muscle. 

Most importantly though, this product is purposely caffeine-free so it can be taken at any time of day or night and won't affect sleep quality. This is great news for those who only have time to train late afternoon to night time but still value deep, restful sleep. 

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Muscle Nation Three-D
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  • Is Muscle Nation Three-D suitable for evening workouts without affecting sleep?

    Absolutely! Muscle Nation Three-D is specifically formulated without caffeine or stimulants, making it perfect for those who train later in the day or at night and want to avoid any impact on sleep quality.

  • How does Three-D enhance muscle fullness during workouts?

    Three-D utilizes ingredients like GlycerPump® and L-Citrulline, which help to increase blood flow and hydration within the muscle tissues. This vaso-dilation effect contributes to enhanced muscle fullness and pump during your workouts.

  • Can I use Muscle Nation Three-D on non-training days?

    Yes, taking Three-D on non-training days can still benefit your muscle recovery and hydration. The nootropic blend also supports cognitive function, making it a useful supplement even on rest days.

  • What makes Three-D different from other pump supplements?

    Besides being stimulant-free, Three-D combines over 1600mg of nootropics for focus, alongside potent pump and hydration ingredients. This unique blend supports both mental and physical performance without relying on stimulants.

  • How does the stim-free formula of Three-D support late-night trainers?

    By omitting caffeine and other stimulants, Three-D allows late-night trainers to enjoy the benefits of a pre-workout supplement, such as increased muscle pump and focus, without the risk of disrupting their sleep patterns.

  • Will Muscle Nation Three-D help with recovery post-workout?

    Yes, the increased blood flow to muscles facilitated by Three-D's ingredients not only aids in delivering nutrients during workouts but also helps in removing metabolic waste products more efficiently, supporting faster recovery.

  • Is there an optimal time to take Three-D before my workout?

    For best results, it's recommended to take Three-D about 20-30 minutes before your workout. This timing allows the ingredients to activate and start enhancing blood flow and focus by the time you begin your session.

  • Can I stack Muscle Nation Three-D with other supplements for an added boost?

    Yes, since Three-D is stimulant-free, it can be safely stacked with other non-stimulant supplements like BCAAs or creatine for enhanced performance, muscle building, and recovery benefits.

Muscle Nation Three-D
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Muscle Nation Three-D is highly praised for its impressive ingredient profile and the positive effects it has during workouts. Users love the product and find it beneficial to their exercise routine.
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Muscle Nation Three-D
435g / 30 Serves Sour Watermelon
Love it!! insane ingredient profile and great effects throughout my workout!
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